Counting On: Jill Dillard’s Take On Diaper Bags

Jill Dillard

Counting On alum Jill Dillard is busy raising her third baby, little Freddy and she’s having to rely on her experience of childraising again. Of course. TLC fans love that she’s got a little bundle of joy again. Israel and his brother Sam are well beyond the toddling stage but she really wanted another child. Freddy, her rainbow baby, brings the joy and frustration of having an infant, and this week, she shared about diaper bags.

Counting On Mom Jill Dillard Gets A Lot Of Help From Derick

Derick is all about being a great dad, and his sons adore him. However, he’s working as a lawyer these days, so he’s not always around to help. But when he is, he helps to keep his boys amused. At the moment, he’s teaching them about wrestling, in a fun way.  The former missionary cares deeply about his family, and he often gets kudos, though it wasn’t always that way. when he left the TLC show, he took loads of heat for speaking out again Jazz Jennings, the trans star of “I Am Jazz.”

Counting On fans heard that Derick was very keen on sport as a  kid and he loves his basketball. Often, fans will see him take Israel to the park where he messes about with a basketball. Plus, he took his boys to swimming classes. However, little Freddy who arrived in the later months of 2022, is a bit too small for that. So, he helps out Jill Dillard when he can. This week, Jill talked about her diaper bag, and in her reel, she showed the frustration that Derick goes through when he tries to find something in it.

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Is Organized

On January 8, Jill took to her Instagram and shared a rather amusing reel. In the first clip. she showed Derick unpacking her neatly packed bag. In her text overlay, she said, “my husband trying to find something in the diaper bag.” Then. she revealed herself using a single hand to find a pacifier. Clearly, she trumped him. However, she did admit that “in fairness to him, I do pack the diaper bag & it’s not very organized, so I totally have the advantage here! lol 🍼.”

Counting On Jill Dillard Take On Diaper Bags
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Counting On fans saw that Jill managed it so easily in comparison to her husband. She said in her caption, “😂 Is this y’all? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Mama knows exactly where it is in the diaper bag, but explaining where [to] find it just takes too long. 😅.” While it might be easier for her to find things in the bag, fans started discussing the tips and tricks to actually finding whatever the baby needs. And usually, they let their parents know what they want at full volume.

Followers Discuss Diaper Bags

Counting On fans who commented noted that Jill Dillard certainly isn’t alone. One fan said, “Accurate. 👏👏👏 and then they don’t put everything back in so suddenly I’m at lunch with no diapers and a blowout In progress 🤣.”

Another mom added, “I was thinking he still wasn’t going to find it in the end… THAT would be most accurate 🤣.”

This comment reflected how most people who don’t pack the diaper bags simply, can’t find anything A fan wrote, “Mine was always very organized and he still couldn’t find things! I could reach in with my eyes closed and find exactly what I needed. 😂”

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