Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Is Super Proud Of Her Son Sam

Jill Dillard

Counting On fans have a lot of respect for Jill Dillard and her husband Derick. It wasn’t always like that, but when he stood by her side and protected her, TLC fans had to admire him. Additionally, he seems like an excellent dad to Israel, Sam, and baby Freddy. Of course, followers also love the fact that Jill so often shares great parenting tips. And, followers believe that she has every right to feel proud of the way she raises her brood of boys. This week, she shouted out Sam, and she seems to be super proud of him.

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Is Seen As A Parenting Success

Unlike Jessa and Joy-Anna, Jill’s often thought of as an excellent mom. In fact, many people check out her social media to latch onto a hack or tip about kids and running an organized home. Obviously, Jill learned a lot about raising children before she married Derick. It’s no secret that the older kids helped to raise their siblings in Michelle Duggar’s home. While some people wish that Jill would study, she told them that right now, it’s not that “season.” Proud and happy to be a mom, she might consider working once her kids grow up.

Counting On fans see that Jill and Derick encourage their kids to play sport, help in the garden, and go camping. Often, they explore the wilderness and share videos of the family enjoying nature. Enjoying the outdoors does come with risks, so the TLC alums are not taking any chances when it comes to learning survival skills. This week, she took to her Instagram Stories and enlarged on one of the things that they make sure to teach their children. It might have been a promo, but that doesn’t make it less relevant to their parenting. Anyway, TLC fans don’t mind her earning a bit of her own cash.

Counting On Kid Sam Makes His Mom Proud

When she posted about Sam, his mom didn’t hide the fact that she was doing a promo. In fact, she said, “Yay for another promotion,” before talking about the boys “swimming lessons.” When she first started sharing the lessons, it was more about Israel. But this time, it was Sam who got the kudos from his mom. In a short clip, she showed him swimming quite strongly across the pool with the teacher close by. But he managed it all by himself. So she said, “Way to go Sam!” Actually, Israel was also around as he held up some promo thing as well, but she didn’t show him actually swimming this time.

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Is Super Proud Of Sam
Jill Dillard / Instagram Stories

Counting On fans would hate to see anything bad happen to the children. After all, they followed them literally from their birth and nowadays, Israel does well act school. With a nice balance between games, study, and outdoors activities, it seems obvious that Derick and his wife will raise a set of pleasant young teens. In years to come, folks anticipate that they will see academic and sporting excellence from the kids. However, swimming is more than a sport, it’s a lifesaver!

Less To Worry About

Next time the Counting On alums go out exploring the rivers and streams in the wilderness, their parents will probably remain vigilant. But, there’s likely to be a sense of relief that if the kids fall in the water, they are less likely to drown. Thousands of children across the world drown every year.

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