Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals What The Boys Do When Dad Gets Home

Jill Dillard

Counting On fans love Jill and Derick Dillard and the three boys. Israel is at school these days and doing well. Meanwhile, little Sam still learns at home. And Baby Freddy is just starting out his life. Nowadays, they all live away from the main Duggar family, and Derick’s working in law in Oklahoma. However, he makes sure to spend time with the boys after he gets home from work.

Counting On – Jill Dillard & Derick Have Three Boys Now

Jill Dillard has three robust little boys but baby Freddy is a bit too young to join in with the older kids when their dad gets home. Still, she thinks that it won’t be very long before he can interact with his dad like the older kids. Sam and Isreal are very fond of their father, and Derick seems to always make special time to be with them. It certainly seems like Jill Dillard was blessed when she married her guy. And, perhaps allowing the wedding was one of Jim Bob Duggar’s best decisions he ever made.

Counting On fans know that Jill is a great mother. Actually, they pick up mom’s hacks and tips from her all the time. At one stage, fans urged her to please get a career. However, she said that raising children is still a season in her life. And, if that’s what she wants, why not? After all, she gets a lot of support and helps with her boys from her husband. Well, fans often see Derick out and about with the kids and he likes to play with them on the sports fields. And, he plays with them after work.

Counting On Kids Wrestle With Their dad

On October 19, Jill Dillard took to her Instagram and shared a photo of all the kids. Derick, Israel, and Sam were wrestling on the carpet. Meanwhile, baby Freddy looked on. In her caption, Jill said, “💙I love watching my boys! 🥰They’re growing up so quickly & I don’t like to think about how soon they’re gonna be full-grown men! 🥺 For now, I’ll cherish the little moments like these! 🥰”

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals What the Boys Do When Dad Gets Home
Jill Dillard / Instagram

The Counting On alum continued, saying., “💙They beg to wrestle when @derickdillard gets home from work. Freddy loves watching & can’t wait to join in on the fun. 🤗.” Cousin Amy King popped up in the comments and liked the photo. Actually, she had just spent some time seeing Jill and the boys. Many fans also commented on the boys wrestling with their dad.

TLC Followers Chat In The Comments

Counting On fans who saw the photo and read the caption liked that the boys love their dad so much. One of them wrote, “What an amazing Awesome blessed journey you will have ❤️ [as the kids grow up].”

Another fan wrote, “Love it! Time goes so fast…soak up every moment 😍.”

Others who had kids suggested that Jill doesn’t think too hard about the future when the boys are all grown up. For now, at least, Jill knows that she can still have her babies, and Freddy will give her more tears of charming moments.

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