Big Things to Come: Israel Dillard Predicted To Reach Over 6’3″ In Height

Israel Dillard

Counting On fans love that Jill and Derick Dillard often share about the lives of their children, Israel, Sam, and baby Freddy. Israel is no longer a toddler and is turning eight years old this year. He is shooting up like a beanstalk, and some folks wonder if he will grow taller than his father, Derick. Read on to find out more

Israel Dillard Has A Close Relationship With Derick

Israel Dillard and his younger brother Sam adore their dad, Derick. Whenever he gets home from work, they love to roughhouse with him on the carpet. Quite often, on weekends and holidays, the former Counting On family visits the park. There, Derick sometimes shows off his athletic ability. If you don’t know, he was good at sports in college and at school. Sometimes, he and his boys shoot basketballs. It seems that his oldest son has already inherited his dad’s height for the game.

Last year, when Israel Dillard turned seven years old, his parents, Jill and Derick, gifted him a basketball. Clearly, the child previously on TLC’s Counting On has fallen in love with the game. In fact, he appears to be a clever and tall kid and in 2021, he moved up to grade one. There is no clear information on his current grade level, but considering his height, he might stand out from the crowd in the classroom.

Israel Dillard Predicted To Be Very Tall

This week, Jill took to her Instagram profile page and shared a photo of her oldest son. In it, he stood by the stove and she said that he cooked a meal for the entire family. At eight years old, he is now capable and interested in cooking. In fact, he cooked his favorite soup, “Gurel Chicken Tortilla Soup.” TLC fans loved seeing him in action, but they noticed that he appeared to be quite tall.

Big Things to Come Israel Dillard Predicted to Reach Over 6ft 3 In Height
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Israel Dillard looked so tall, the fans examined the photo closely. Some folks thought that he perhaps stood on a stool. However, those who double-checked by zooming in, saw that he was standing on the floor. As his head just about reached the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, they couldn’t help but comment. One of them said, “I thought he was standing on a stool, but then saw all the “he’s so tall comments” and went back and looked closer. Turns out he’s not on a stool and y’all are right. He’s tall 😆🥰 .”

As Tall As 6’3″

One fan asked Jill about the height of  Israel Dillard. In her reply, she said, “[he’s] on track to be taller than Derick (6’2”)and his bro (6’3”)!”

Naturally, that led people to speculate that he will really be the ideal height to play professional basketball. Perhaps one day, he might play for his college or go on and play in the NBA!

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