Counting On Star Jinger Reveals If Her Book Is A Tell-All

Jinger Vuolo

Counting On fans sitting on the edge of their seats can sit back and relax a bit now. It turns out that Jinger Vuolo’s opened up a bit about her new book. Certainly, it seems as if it will upset some people, even though it might not be a Tell-All. “Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear,” seems to reveal that Jinger has taken the first steps in stepping away from her childhood faith. But, it might still upset more than just Jim Bob Duggar. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Counting On Fans Thought The Book By Jinger Vuolo Might Upset Jim Bob

Speculation ahead of the book got TLC fans wondering if it would hit hard at her mom and dad, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Perhaps, the theory went, she might end up shunned by the family. Well, she claims it’s not a Tell-All about her day-to-day life at home, but it does discuss her religious life. That’s more with regards to stepping away from The Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) religion.

For the Counting On star, it seems as if the loss of the TLC show has made her take a serious look at authorship. After all, she has a built-in audience with TLC fans. Additionally, there are many Christians who will probably buy her books. Probably, you already know that there are many different types of approaches to the Christian faith. And, Jeremy Vuolo belongs to a different orthodoxy than Jim Bob Duggar. He’s all about John MacArthur’s teachings. And, JB is all about Bill Gothard.

Counting On: Jinger’s Book Is Not A Tell-All

When Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball shared the story about Jinger talking about the new book, she noticed that it’s not a Tell-All. However, it’s bound to upset people. And, it might upset those who don’t even belong to either church. Claiming that the teachings of the IBLP were “harmful” could really upset the members of the church that her dad belongs to.  However, Katie Joy, who dedicated much of her life to digging into various churches and cults feels that she swapped one abusive church for another.

Counting On Star Jinger Reveals If Her Book Is A Tell-All
Jinger Vuolo via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy has the right to have her say about the Counting On family’s religion. In fact, she always notes that she gives her opinion, and bloggers are entitled to have one.  So, those who care for Jinger might be upset and concerned. Katie wrote, “MacArthur is anti-lgbtq, and regularly preaches about the “evils” of people who are not evil.” Other opinions that worry the blogger include the belief that “MacArthur believes men should be able to have sex whenever they want, women should always be willing.”

Has Jinger Really Become ‘Free?’

As far as the Without A Crystal Ball blogger is concerned, the Counting On star simply swapped one abusive cult for another. She opined, “Women are told to stay home, obey and submit to their husbands.” Furthermore, she states that “MacArthur has a cult-like following that has thousands of people.”

Concerned by stories that “[women]survivors…were abused and harassed by church leaders,” she elaborated. According to Katie Joy, “women [are] told not to divorce their husbands even if they are pedophiles.”

Fans can expect much more about “Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear,” and who it might upset. The blogger promised she will share her findings in days to come.

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