Counting On Spoilers: Fans Think Jana Duggar Was Irritated By Gender Reveal

Jana Duggar

Duggar Family News reveals that there are some fans that think that Jana Duggar got irritated over the gender reveal that her sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth shared this past week. Of course, the lives of the Duggar family always seem to revolve around how many children each family can have. This past week, Joy-Anna and her husband shared a special gender reveal ceremony and most of the Duggar children were there to show their support. As much as the family was sure that this would be such a festive moment, there seems to be some tension behind it too.

Counting On Spoilers – Anna Duggar No Shows

With all of the Duggar siblings at the gathering, many fans were quick to notice that Anna Duggar wasn’t in attendance. Fans thought this was very strange, but they had a lot of theories about why she hadn’t been there. Many think that she was just too busy, while others feel that since it was a weekend, she was more than likely visiting Josh Duggar in Texas in prison. If that wasn’t the case, she isn’t working, so it is clear that she had time to go and support her family, but she does have seven children to take care of as well.

Jana Duggar did show up, but as fans watched all of the videos and looked at the pictures on social media, it really did seem as if she really didn’t want to be there. This made a lot of fans curious about what was going on in the family. Jana didn’t look happy and she seemed like she was in a very bad mood. It looks as if she did help with the setting up and decorations, but her party mood just didn’t seem to be there.

Jana Duggar

Counting On Updates – Why Was Jana So Mad?

There is a lot of speculation that Jana was so mad about the party because she does not have children and is not married. She is one of the only Duggar children to not be married and many fans think that she is tired of being part of a family that makes these huge baby announcements all the time. (It does seem as if they are always having kids.) From the photos of Jana at the party, fans thought she looked “pissed off” to have to help and be around all of these people having kids. Most of her fans can relate and feel that Jana should not be blamed for her bad mood.

No matter what was going on in her head, perhaps Jana was tired, or perhaps she has some social anxiety. There are many things that this could be, but from the looks of it, she didn’t want to be there.

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