Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Find Out Who Joshua Is

Kim and Barry Plath

Welcome to Plathville spoilers reveal that there have been a lot of questions about who Joshua is and why the Plath family has been visiting his gravesite.

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – What Happened To Joshua Plath?

In the fall of 2008, Kim and Barry Plath lost their toddler, Joshua. The couple has been struggling with this trauma for years and he was only 17 months old when he died. He was their youngest son and it looks as if his death was ruled an accident. His siblings started to ask what really happened to him when he died and it was very tough for Kim and Barry to explain it.

The accident was caused when Kim was moving some trees on their farm. She was driving her Suburban and she accidentally ran over him with the car. When she started to look for him, she saw that he was nowhere near the car, and that is when she pulled the car forward to move more trees. When Barry got home Josh had already died and he was horrified to hear this news.

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome To Plathville Updates – Kim Plath’s Reaction And Grief

Kim talked about how she wanted to die when she discovered that this accident had happened. She has told fans that she wanted to die when it happened and there isn’t one day that goes by that she doesn’t grieve over the death of her son. She said of the accident, “In a panic, I realized what had happened. I ran over our Joshua. Lived the next hour nonstop in my brain for the next eight months. God has been so faithful to our family for getting us through such a horrific event. He has indeed fully restored our joy. And we are forever grateful.”

In the newest episode of the show, the family went to the gravesite and when Olivia Plath chose not to go, she got quite a lot of backlash from fans. The rest of the family was there and it just seemed odd that she didn’t want to go.

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