Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: The Family Feud

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville spoilers and updates tease that Ethan and Olivia Plath have started to open up more about the family feud between her and his parents. Olivia and his mother, Kim Plath, have been in quite a feud lately and now that the new season is upon us, there has been a lot more talk about it. There is a lot of tension between the family and Olivia and now it is all out in the open.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers – The Strict Family Rules

The Plath children have all started to leave the roost because of the way that they have been raised by Kim and Barry Plath. They were homeschooled and their parents didn’t even expose them to sugar in their food. They were not allowed to use social media and things had gotten bad when the older children wanted to leave to have their freedom.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan and Olivia Plath

As the third season is coming, all of the viewers have noticed that some things have changed since the pandemic began. Times were pretty tough on us all, but the Plath family had a world of drama come their way too. Micah Plath opened up to his fans more about the drama between Olivia and his parents. “Mom probably went a little overboard and Olivia definitely felt that way.”

Welcome To Plathville Updates – The Changes In Relationships

The drama continues to mount and some of the younger children have started to look out for Olivia too. They think that she is trying to influence them to do bad things that are unlike the way that they were raised. Moriah Plath even thinks that other family members have started to really show who they are and this has really made a rift in the family dynamic.

As we get ready for Welcome to Plathville, there is quite a lot to expect. We are ready to see more drama between the family and Olivia and see how she reacts to it all.

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