OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Has A Really Bad School Day

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OutDaughtered fans adore Hazel Busby with her red hair and her slight lisp. Well, this week, her school day seemed to start off with a note of optimism, but it soon went downhill. In fact, she ended up having a horrid day. Actually, Adam was called to the school and he took her home again. So, what went wrong for the cute kid?

OutDaughtered – Hazel Busby Gets Caught Smuggling Again

In  October last year, Danielle and Adam Busby saw that Hazel’s backpack looked suspiciously full. So, when they made her empty it, they discovered that she had sneaked in seven stuffed toys to take to school. At the time, her mom and dad said that she definitely seemed like a “little smuggler.” While TLC fans thought it was hilarious, it certainly seems that she didn’t learn a lesson. This week, Adam revealed that she tried to smuggle out four of them.

The latest smuggling incident came after the news that some of the OutDaughtered kids fell sick. Well, they just enjoyed a big birthday and Easter celebration. So, perhaps they came into contact with a bug. Ava, Blayke, and Olivias fell sick. So, Adam took himself out of the home and worked outside. Later, Hazel joined him and they went shopping. But now she also fell sick and Adam had to fetch her from school.

OutDaughtered – Hazel Has A bad Day At School

Taking to his Instagram on April 20, Adam told his fans that Olivia seemed a lot better, so he sent her back to school. Actually, it sounds like all of the kids went. Having gotten her day ruined by being busted for smuggling, Hazel later ran a temperature. Adam said that Oliva also went down again. So, he brought the two girls home. Poor Hazel lay snuggled up looking very down. Meanwhile, Adam checked Olivia and her temperate was quite high.

OutDaughtered Quint Hazel Busby Has A Really Bad School Day
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

The OutDaughtered dad also told his TLC fans that Daniele went down with the bug as well. And no, they are not ignoring the possibility that she might have Covid. Although her test came back negative, she arranged for another one to make certain. As far as the quints go, Adam admitted that they got their flu shots this year. Sometimes, people can feel a bit sick after that.

Big Families And Bugs

The OutDaughtered dad has been the last man standing in the past. A few years ago, he looked exhausted as he basically nursed everyone who fell sick at the same time. Now he hopes that nobody else falls sick. After all, with six kids and Danielle around, if they all fall sick, his house might look a bit like a hospital ward.

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