OutDaughtered Quints Get A ‘Real’ Easter Bunny Visit Their Home


OutDaughtered fans know that the quints and Blayke Busby all celebrate their birthdays every close to Easter. So between the birthday week and Easter, the kids enjoy a nice long celebration. This week, Adam Busby shared that a “real” bunny visited the family just in time for Easter. Did it bring chocolate and eggs for the quints?

OutDaughtered Kids Enjoy Birthdays And Easter

Last week, Adam Busby took to his YouTube channel, It’s A Buzz World, and revealed that the kids all went out to the cake shop. There, each child chose a cake. The quints opted for a doggie theme. Actually, fans loved that Hazel opted for a cake that had a Weiner dog on it. Previously, Danielle shared that the kids all enjoyed some time receiving gifts and enjoying time out of the house. However, they were yet to have their fun birthday party at home. That’s where Adam comes in with his tale about the bunny.

Ahead of their birthday, the OutDaughtered mom talked about how each child developed their own unique personality. Additionally, she reassured them in her tribute that she loves each and every one of them. Well, they might all be little individuals, but fans know that each of them, including Blayke, simply adores animals. So, the early Easter bunny probably got them very excited. Mind you, there’s not much of a fun backstory to it.

OutDaughtered – A Real Easter Bunny Visits The Busby Home

Adam took to his Instagram stories and related the tale of the bunny. Ahead of the birthday party, he cut some branches off the trees and piled them up. So, when he started moving all the refuse for collection, he was a bit started to see a baby bunny. In his video clip, he said that he tried to pick it up, but it ran away. Anyway, he later found it again, and he told fans, “it was all by itself.” Aww! After that, he showed what the kids got up to with their birthday presents. Hazel put on eye makeup, and Parker colored her hair. But what happened to the bunny?

OutDaughtered Quints Get A Real Easter Bunny Visit Their Home
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories


While the OutDaughtered dad seemed sorry for the baby bunny, he didn’t say if he managed to catch it this time. Additionally, he didn’t mention if he left it alone, or took it to a shelter. So for now, fans don’t know if the Easter bunny is okay. Hopefully, it either finds its mom, or it makes its way safely to the nearby park.

Should Adam Leave Easter Bunny To Its Own Devices?

According to Trap Anything, the OutDaughtered dad might do best by leaving the bunny to make its own way in life. The website cautions, “Since captive babies have a 90 percent mortality rate, a baby rabbit taken indoors and held in captivity will most likely die.” Additionally, “The mother rabbit is probably around even though you don’t see her.” The outlet does advise cat and dog owners to try and keep their pets away from that part of the yard.

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