Missing The Winder Family From Seeking Sister Wife? There’s A New Video Up

Winder Family

Seeking Sister Wife fans either loved or hated Colton Winder, and it seemed that a lot of folks just didn’t get his very dry sense of humor. While many TLC fans wanted more of them, including their own spinoff, others dissed them all the time. Well, these days, Sophie runs a YouTube channel, and slowly, Tami started joining her. In the newest video this week, fans saw the whole, family and Sophie’s mom April. It didn’t come on Sophie’s vlog, but it is similar to the sort of thing she posts up these days.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Will Not Have The Winder Family

The bad news arrived that this year, fans won’t see Colton, Tami, Sophie, and the kids. Perhaps they gave up on looking for a third wife. Recall, last season, they dated Kimberley for a bit, but in the end, they decided she didn’t fit the family dynamic. Authentic in their faith, many people didn’t like them at all. However other TLC fans loved them because they seemed so real. Additionally, all the reasons for their polygamous union seemed just right. When the news about their cancellation arrived, former alum, Vanessa Cobbs praised them highly.

Seeking Sister Wife fans saw that Tami and Sophie dealt with the usual jealousy in polygamous marriages by becoming real friends. Taking Colton out of the center of their relationship worked. Plus, fans loved that Colton is a hardworking man. They live a nice rural life set in stunning scenery on their ranch. So, the kids enjoy a lot of fun things like feeding baby animals. Perhaps they are just not drama-worthy. After all, everyone knows that TLC thrives on ugly drama.

Seeking Sister Wife Alums – Truly Vlog Posts A New Video

When Sophie first started her Vlog, Tami seemed a bit reluctant to open up about her entire life. However, she slowly came around. Many interesting videos went up. Some of them were about fertility issues and Sophie’s new baby. But not all of them are all about that. In the latest video, they spoke with Alec Dacy on the Truly Vlog, and there, they did discuss kids, but they also chatted about how the family works. In fact, there’s some nice backstory information in it.

The Winder Family Seeking Sister Wife New Video On YouTube
Truly / YouTube


Seeking Sister Wife alum, Colton explained a bit about the challenges of living a polygamous life. However, the secret to their success seems to be that they each recognize that everyone in the family has a unique personality. Somehow, he managed to balance that well. Of course, he reminded his fans that when they first married and made a life together, polygamy was illegal in Utah. Nowadays, it isn’t really something folks like a lot. But, they firmly believe it is a part of their faith.

Sophie’s Mom April Featured

In the video about the Winder family, April, Sophie’s mom had a long chat about the other challenges in a polygamous relationship. They discussed kids and other interesting aspects of their lives. As one fan opined in the comments, “Saw these guys on Seeking Sister Wives, definitely the most level-headed ones of the bunch!!” You can watch the whole video below.

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