Seeking Sister Wife Alum Colton Winder Mocks Headline

Colton WInder

Seeking Sister Wife fans were sorry when Colton Winder and his wives, Tami and Sophie left the TLC show. Actually, many people agreed that they seemed faith-driven. The two wives got along fine without many jealousy issues. Additionally, fans loved the kids. Actually, they welcomed another child since then. Anyway, they live on their beautiful ranch and mind their own business, but over the weekend, some folks seemed alarmed. However, when an article arrived, Colton just mocked the helicopter-parenting style.

Seeking Sister Wife – Colton Winder Seemed Misunderstood By Fans

While many TLC fans adored the family, some people didn’t really get Colton. Often, he would drop a very dry comment and it sailed right on by because folks missed the humor of it. But lots of others really admired the pleasant family. Meanwhile, others liked that Sophie started using her YouTube as a platform for infertility. Possibly, the TV show simply got rid of them because there wasn’t enough Kody Brown-style drama.

Alternatively, Seeking Sister Wife couldn’t accommodate them because they’d decided against trying to find a third wife. They’re all about family and if it didn’t fit in with the needs of the kids, then Colton wasn’t going to continue searching for more wives. Some folks hoped that they might go on and land a Sister Wives spinoff, but that never happened. Still, they stay in touch with their fans on social media. Over the weekend, Coton shared about his son Ephraim, and that played out again this week.

Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Takes His Son For A Tractor Ride

Ephraim, the son of Colton and Sophie is now three years old. The last time that fans saw him on the show, he’d just celebrated his first birthday. When Colton shared about him, he had him sitting on his lap, between his strong arms, as they rode together in the cab of a tractor. Of course, little Ephraim pretended he was driving. Most people loved the short video which was set to Craig Morgan’s International Harvester.

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Colton Winder Mocks Headline
Colton Winder / Instagram

A few days later, the Seeking Sister Wife star returned to Instagram and this time, he shared a screenshot of a headline and some text from a story that was published. Being a gentleman, he carefully hid the name of the publisher and the author. The headline said, “Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton Winder Lets Child, 3, Drive Tractor.” Well, it seems that the rancher isn’t going to worry too much about it. In fact, he sarcastically wrote, “This is some marvelously clever article titling.”

TLC Fans React

Seeking Sister Wife fans who grew up on a farm laughed at the story. One of them said, “This is so ridiculous!🙄 He is not driving it by himself! People need to get a life! You are making memories with your son! I took all of my kids on short drives when they were toddlers and young kids in an empty parking lot! You are on a farm for crying out loud! Ughh…. You’re doing a Good Job Dad!👍🏼”

Another one wrote, “They must have never been on a farm….That’s where ya learn to drive! Taught my daughter to first drive a tractor when she was 3!!”

Another supporter reassured Colton, saying, “It’s not like your son was just hanging off the tractor. You had him on your lap and he looked safe to me. Plus you are an amazing husband to your wives and…[am] amazing father.”

What are your thoughts about kids riding with their dads on tractors? Do you think it’s dangerous? Shout out in the comments below.

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