Is Seeking Sister Wife More Than Men Just Wanting Their Piece Of Cake?

Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife premieres Season 4 on June 6, 2022, and fans will see two old couples again. Additionally, three new polygamous couples arrive. Teasers for the show bring a lot of trainwrecks, but is it really anything to do with a religious culture these days? Or is it just a bunch of men who want their cake and who make sure they get to eat it at the expense of their partners?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 – The Merrifields Return

TLC fans were not surprised that Dimitri and Ashley Snowden failed to return. After all, serious allegations of abuse arrived last year. Since then, Ashley and Dimitri seem to have split. However, viewers will see Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield. He was possibly the most hated cast member of the franchise when he divorced Dannielle to chase after Roberta. Tossing the idea of waiting for marriage, Roberta and Garrick got down to some fun time between the sheets to make babies. That was in direct contrast to the Winders who don’t return for Season 4.

Spoilers for the new season reveal that since the last season, Roberta seems to back off a bit. Actually, Garrick’s got his eye on yet another woman. So, when TLC shared their teaser on Instagram this week, fans started discussing the way the men want multiple women, and the wives seem to have little choice. Tosha and Sidian also reappear, and after they failed with Alex, they start pursuing Arielle from the Philippines.  There are other new couples, like the Davis family, the Epps, and the Foleys. Basically,  fans seem to feel that the cast really doesn’t want any kind of spiritual engagement.

Seeking Sister Wife Is About Men Getting It All Their Way?

The Winders at least could claim that they wanted extra wives because of their cultural beliefs. However, some TLC fans think that the rest of them can’t claim anything more than wanting lots of sex with different women. Actually, for some folks, the show becomes more a light porn thing than anything else. So some fans complained about the guys wanting their cake and eating it.

Is Seeking Sister Wife More Than Men Just Wanting Their Piece Of Cake
TLC / YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife fans on Instagram became quite vocal about the new teaser for the show. One of them wrote, “They don’t have a polygamous lifestyle… The men is the one being polygamous… All the “wife’s” needs to be Faithful.”

Another follower commented, “This isn’t right! These women are settling for a husband who wants to cheat.” Similarly, this comment arrived: “That is disgusting wont ever watch it.”

Shallow Men – Having Their Cake & Eating It

One Seeking Sister Wife viewer complained and said what a lot of other folks seem to think. The comment that arrived asked, “Are any of these families actually doing this because of their faith? Sounds to me like it’s just men wanting to have their cake and eat it too.”

A reply opined, “… it’s all sexual for these people. The purpose of polygamy is to build your kingdom in heaven and populate the earth. The people on the show are having premarital sex which in polygamy culture is a no no. So to me, it’s about building a harem. How many women can i sc**w before my wife catches on. Its has zero to do with religion.”

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