Cute Kid Fan? Look No Further Than Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife

If you ever watched TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, you will know that one family stands out. Colton, Tami, and Sophie Winder all live together on their ranch in the St. George area of rural southern Utah. Tami and Sophie get along very well and the family has three kids these days: Sadie, Tami’s daughter, Ephraim, Sophie’s son, and a newcomer, baby Isabella Grace. Well, if you adore cute kids, then Ephraim should fit your passion just right.

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Is All About Family And Kids

Colton and his wives live together and unlike Kody Brown, their polygamist lifestyle seems to work for them. Sophie and Tami talked about how they became best friends, and that helped to settle any jealousy issues. Prior to moving into one home, there were some issues, but the girls got together and cut Colton out of the middle of their problems. So, these days they help each other raise their children. Sophie suffered from fertility issues. So, TLC fans were delighted when then they met little Ephraim on the show. Considered as the folks on the show for the right reasons, many fans hope for their very own spinoff.

Seeking Sister Wife fans grew rather disillusioned last season when they saw that both Ashley and Dimitri Snowden were accused of abusive behavior towards Christeline. Meanwhile, other cast members like the Merrifield husband seemed way too intent on hopping into bed as fast as possible. So, some people turned towards Sophie, Tami, and Colton as they seemed very authentic. Of course, it helps that they raise their children in a beautiful area and they get to explore the natural setting. Plus, their parents protect them in their relationships. Recall, Kimberly arrived, but the family who liked her felt she didn’t quite fit in as the right person for the family dynamic.

Seeking Sister Wife: Cute Kid Ephraim

Taking to Instagram on March 5, The Winder Family account shared a slideshow of Ephriam. In the story, it turns out that Ephriam enjoyed playing around with horses, tractors, and trucks all the time. In fact, the caption talked about “sun up till sundown.” Just like his dad, he seems passionate about anything that folks can ride on. Additionally, he probably grows up to drive a tractor long before he learns to drive a car. Some people might envy little Ephraim for his lifestyle. He gets to help his big half-sister Sadie collect fruit, or he helps to feed the livestock, and gets out exploring on horseback with his dad. Plus, as you can see, he spends time wishing he was the one driving the tractor around the ranch.

Cute Kid Fan Look No Further Than Seeking Sister Wife
The Winder Family / Instagram

In February, the Seeking Sister Wife family elaborated on the work that does into keeping their family healthy with the kids at the center of it all. The post noted, “We knew that we had to work hard in order to meet our goal of moving into one home together before we had any other children. We didn’t want either of our children to have to go without seeing their daddy, due to living in two separate towns.” Additionally, they want to be a  real family, without an absentee dad to any of the kids, like Kody brown.

Fans Adore Little Ephraim

Seeking Sister Wife fans took to the comments section of the post about Ephraim and his love for trucks and horses. One of them penned, “❤️ Love seeing his love for tractors! The 3 of you as a family raise beautiful children!”

Then another fan wrote, “This is so cute! Hope you’re all doing well 😀😀😀.”

Hopefully, fans will see the family again on their screens. They seem very popular and also satisfy the heart of everyone who loves cute kids.

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