Gwyneth Paltrow Can’t Believe That Her Little Moses Is 15 Already!

Gwyneth Paltrow might have just had one of those mom moments when you see your son all grown up and yet for some reason, you still see them as the baby they used to be, and usually, you find yourself asking, ‘how hard did I blink?’ The proud mom celebrated her son’s 15th year with a sweet message.

Moses, Mommy’s “Little Shredder”

The Iron Man Star, who is also practically Iron Woman in the movie and real-life, paid a tribute to her son on his birthday this Thursday with a little message that’s all about how mommy is really proud of her son and how far he’s come.

Paltrow got married to Brad Falchuk in September 2018 after divorcing her first husband, Chris Martin, in 2016. She shares two children with Chris Martin: daughter Apple Martin and son Moses Martin. Apple will turn 17 next month.

“Holy Moses I can’t believe you are 15 today,” the mom of two shared on Instagram, along with a close-up picture of her son skateboarding. There’s also a second picture of Moses executing a slick move with his skateboard, a move that probably earned him the title “shredder”.

“You are the dreamiest, sweetest, most brilliant guy ever. I love you so much, you can’t fathom it. Happy birthday you little shredder.”

Paltrow’s son, Moses, picked up skateboarding as a quarantine sport, and according to his mom, he was the hardest hit from having to shelter at home, but he managed to find an outlet by skateboarding.

“What’s great is that he’s a skateboarder, so he can do a lot of solo, outside exercise and work on skills and tricks and stuff like that,” the Oscar award winner said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “But I think it’s very hard to be 14 and … it’s tough on the ones that are still in the most intense developmental stages, I sort of observed.”

“Like, my daughter is 16, she kind of knows who she is and she’s got her friends,” the actress continued. “My son would have started high school in September. I think it’s hard socially. I’ve also been amazed how adaptable kids are during this time and how agile they’ve been.”

“Hats off to all these kids around the world who are just getting through it,” she added.

This Is Not the First Time That Gwyneth Can’t Believe How Big Her Son Moses Is

During her son’s 14th birthday last year, the multi-award-winning actress also shared that she can’t believe how fast her baby is growing.

She called him the “kindest little man” and appreciated his outlook on life and how he understands things and expresses himself. “Mosey,” she called him, “I could not be more proud of you in every way.”

She also praised him for his resilience and no-quit attitude, calling him an immensely talented great friend. She concluded by wishing that he never grows out of hugging her every time he leaves the room.