Rebel Wilson’s ‘Pooch Perfect’ On ABC Is A Pup Pygmalion Contest With Bells On!

In the case of your adorable mutt, is beauty only in the eyes of the beholder, meaning you? Pooch Perfect on ABC, a brand-new ABC reality show hosted by Rebel Wilson, will leave your 4-legged buddy twirling its tail in delight. The latest series reveals the fortunate canines using a much-needed makeover.

Pooch Perfect on ABC is the definitive dog beauty-care reality series with a competitive edge, showcasing the coolest animal makeover artists across the US participating in a number of adorable dog-themed makeover competitions accompanied by their assistants.

Per week, stylists can participate in two canine competitions, namely the Ultimutt Competition Showdown and also the Immunity Puppertunity in which they must make the pets undergo breathtaking rebirths beauty-wise.

Every week, one team will be withdrawn, resulting in the final battle for the prized Pooch Perfect prize and a huge cash reward.

We heard more about the upcoming series targeted at dog people, produced by dog people, and also made for dog lovers at the latest Winter 2021 Television Critics Association conference.

Revel Wilson

What Pooch Perfect Really Is

The cute original series stars Rebel Wilson as host and also executive producer, as well as reality TV stars Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky, and Dr. Callie Harris from Dotty for Dogs as dog judges.

Rebel Wilson answered a question from a TV columnist during the TCA question and answer session, stating that she has been a dog lover for a long time.

“I’m a fourth-generation dog show athlete,” she explained. She went on about her great-grandmother who founded The Beagle Club of Australia, and how she used to attend dog shows each weekend during her childhood until she could be trusted to remain at home by herself.

Wilson mentioned that her family was involved in dog shows as a business. Her mom is still an international dog exhibitionist today.

Elan Gale, who produces the show explained that they have a broad range of locations from which the dogs are taken, speaking of the dogs’ roots. They all come from families, where they were/are kept as pet-dogs.

Then they are introduced to the show and made to undergo a temperament test to ensure that they enjoyed getting groomed, since some dogs like grooming better than others. Just don’t try at home without professionals around.

Lisa Vanderpump, Dotty for Dogs reality TV judge, lends her insight and the humorous irony to the series.

Lisa Vanderpump is a seasoned Reality star who started her career as a Real Housewife and went on to produce her own show, Vanderpump Rules. She also has a dog-related charity.

The British bombshell will act as a judge, and she commented at the TCA about the uniqueness of this show, which takes many rescued animals and gives them a glamorous makeover. All of her followers are aware that she is a true dog lover.

Vanderpump emotionally gushed that seeing the little adorable as shown so much love after living abusive lives was such a tear-jerker for her.

Stay hooked as these talented groomers turn a mutt into a pedigree champion each week

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