Unexpected Spoilers: Myrka Cantu Fights With Michelle Ybarra

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu

Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that Myrka Cantu and her boyfriend’s mother, Michelle Ybarra may be at odds with each other. It has got to be incredibly tough to make things work with your man’s mother when you have children together and are expecting another one. What happened to Myrka and Michelle?

Unexpected Spoilers – We Want Details

The details are not that clear right now on what exactly happened with Michelle and Myrka. Myrka has started to hint at what happened on her Instagram account though. During a question-and-answer session on Instagram, Myrka shared some interesting tidbits of information.

One of her fans asked what happened between her and Michelle and if she missed her. She replied, “I feel like it’s rude to say no, but…” Another fan brought up Michelle too and they asked if she was supportive of her and Ethan’s relationship. She said, “Maybe because we don’t really talk anymore? How are you gonna miss someone you don’t have a relationship with?”

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu and Michelle Ybarra

Unexpected Updates – More Drama

When fans started to ask more and more questions about Michelle, Myrka’s tone seemed to change quite a bit. She got into the fact that when she had just given birth, Michelle kicked her out of the house. She told fans, “You do know she kicked me out with my newborn baby in the middle of the night, right? Oh you didn’t? Ok, you can shut the hell up now.”

Myrka also talked to her fans about how she doesn’t like being on the show anymore. She told them that she got sucked into the show because of her contract and that is why she continues to be on new episodes. She also mentioned that her mother is still standing by her no matter what she has done. She pointed out that the show is edited and doesn’t show exactly what goes on with her and her own mom.

There will be a tell-all episode of Unexpected, but Myrka said that she can’t give too much information about it because she’s still not sure when it will air.

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