VPR: Five Cute Photos Of Jax And Brittany’s Son Cruz Cauchi Growing Up

VPR: Five Cute Photos Of Jax And Brittany's Son Cruz Cauchi Growing Up

Vanderpump Rules (VPR) fans saw that in April 2021, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor welcomed their first child together, Cruz Cauchi.  Actually, Bravo fans never saw Jax so animated and excited about anything like the arrival of his boy. Ironically, fans also never thought that he and Britt would make a go of their marriage. But their adorable son unites them with their love. Here are five photos that show how their sweet son has grown up.

Cruz Cauchi Arrived In The World & He’s Cherished

Brittany’s son was born with dark hair, but he changed over time and now he’s blonde like his mom. From the beginning of his life, both Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright shared photos of him. Actually, her mom, Sherri also posted up some photos of herself with her grandchild. In fact, she’d been very ill, and considered herself fortunate to have lived to spend time with her grandson.

Cruz Cauchi has his own Instagram page run by his dad. Fortunately, Jax doesn’t keep his son’s face hidden, so VPR fans get to enjoy seeing him meet his milestones.  Actually, lots of them think that he’s simply the cutest kid on the block. At one stage, his hair was up in a little man bun, and then his parents let him grow it out long. But nowadays, he sports a neat and short haircut. We found five photos to show how he’s changed as he’s grown up.

Cruz Cauchi Met His Milestones

When Jax and Brittany’s son turned three months old, he still had his dark hair. The caption revealed that he started rolling onto his tummy. Plus, he’d “found his mouth.” At the time, he could also hold up his head on his own. So, he was a “strong” baby.

Cruz Cauchi 3 months
@littlebabycauchi / Instagram

In September last year, Vanderpumpo Rules fans really started falling in love with the good-looking kid. When Jax shared a photo of Cruz Cauchi enjoying a bath, a follower wrote, “OMG what a sweetie pie with such a cute face! I think he’s the perfect combo of mom & dad! What a lucky little guy to have such love ❤️.”

Little Baby Cauchi

By the time Brittany’s birthday rolled around in January last year, the last of the dark hair had vanished.

Brittany birthday

The family celebrated her birthday at Disney World, a place that their son has since visited more than once.

Looking Like A Handsome Teenager?

As Cruz Cauchi grows a bit older, he seems to love being in the company of other people. In May last year when he’d just turned one year old, Jax shared the photo below. In his caption, he said, “Our sweet boy makes friends with every table around, everywhere he goes. Lol 😍🥰.” 

VPR Five Cute Photos Of Jax And Brittany Son Cruz Cauchi Growing Up

One follower chimed in with, “Well that’s because he’s so dang cute who could resist that face?!?!” Actually, plenty of other folks agreed.

In the last of the five photos, you can see that Cruz is losing his chubby baby face. Additionally, Brittany and Jax had gotten him a shorter hairstyle. Shared on Instagram Stories, Brittany felt like he looked like “a teenager.” On the little kid’s main Instagram, page, the caption said they enjoyed some “family fun” at Universal Studios.

VPR Five Cute Photos Of Jax And Brittany's Son Cruz Cauchi Growing Up 2

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