Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Makes A Clean Sweep

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Makes A Clean Sweep

If there was a competition, Little People Big World kiddo Jackson Roloff Might win the top prize in life skills. This weekend, the oldest child of Tori and Zach Roloff won his mom’s heart. Actually, she thinks that one day, he’s going to make someone very happy. So what is the five-year-old TLC star up to now? Read on to find out.

Little People Big World Star Jackson Roloff Takes The Prize

TLC fans adore the big brother of  Lilah and Josiah and the cute kid so often steals the spotlight. Well, in his mom’s eyes, he’s just won the day with his sweet and caring life skills. Of course, he doesn’t always win out. For example, when his school did their Christmas concert, he didn’t, sing at all. Instead, he did the gestures to the songs. Mind you, even that seemed rather adorable. This week, he took his cuteness factor higher by helping out his mom.

Little People Big World fans would have given Jackson the prize at Christmas if there was a competition for caring little boys. When it comes to his siblings, nothing’s too much trouble. TLC fans just loved how he patiently showed baby Josiah the little train that runs around the tree. A devoted big brother, this kid could win the world cup for good kids, and now, he probably took a cleans sweep in the competition as mama’s little helper.

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Schools His Mom

This weekend, Tori took to her Instagram stories and share several photos of her son. In two of them, he revealed his skills in housekeeping. Tori wrote, “A kid after my own heart.” That’s because he asked her if he could “mop the floors.” Tori also noted that he’s a bit of a perfectionist as he even “moved the rug” to make sure he did a top job. So, his mom added, “to his future wife, you’re welcome.”  

Little People Big World Jackson Roloff Makes A Clean Sweep
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans then saw that after he won the prize for being a good boy, he entertained his little brother. Is there anything that this kid does that doesn’t deserve the good boy award? A few days ago, the family returned from Disneyland and some people slammed Jackson’s mom and dad because the kids are too young. However, the smiles and excitement of the place lit up the faces of Jackson and Lilah. Bear in mind, Tori and Zach will probably treasure those memories for the rest of their lives.

Clean Sweep In The Game Of Life

Little People Big World fans sometimes wonder if Jaskon Roloff even knows that he’s physically challenged. With a kind heart and a willing nature,  this boy captures the attention of fans from all over the world. Maybe one day, someone will walk down the aisle with Jackson, knowing that they’ll take home the gold medalist in the life skills department.

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