Little People Big World Star Jackson Roloff Says Nope To Singing

Jackson Roloff

Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff is growing up fast these days, and the days of “Baby J” are behind him now. Now that he’s in kindergarten, he’s a veteran when it comes to learning and school. First, his mom prepared him for playschool and pre-K and now he’s doing all sorts of things at big-boy school. However, he clearly says “nope” to singing.

Little People Big World – Jackson Roloff Is The Sweetest Kid

TLC fans are convinced that Tori and Zach’s oldest son is just about the sweetest kid on the TLC block. For over five years, they watched him go from crawling to toddling, to running around and playing soccer. Despite his bowed legs, he’s not afraid to challenge his peers who are average-sized. While he zooms around in his scooter and gives his mom some bad moments, he quickly took to riding the bike that Chris Mark gave him.

Physically active, some folks wonder if he’s even aware that he’s challenged by his short stature. While he might be everything that Little People Big World fans wish the whole show could be about, Tori’s son drew the line at singing. The tough “little farmer,” as his grandpa Matt calls him, didn’t seem to mind participating with other kids in a seasonal activity, but he wasn’t about to start signing up for the school choir. When Tori shared about it on Instagram, fans thought he looked very cute, but his mouth was firmly sealed closed.

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Has His First Christmas Concert

On December 15, Tori shared a photo of Jackson sitting with a whole bunch of kids who participated in the Christmas concert. Carefully, she covered the other kids’ faces with heart emojis, but fans could see that Jackson wasn’t gonna open his mouth and sing like a canary. However, he did do various hand gestures to the songs. In the audience, alongside Zach and Tori were Amy, Jackson’s grandma, and her husband Chris Marek. Matt didn’t go along, but he’s with his mom Huny as she celebrates her first Christmas without her beloved husband Ronald.

Little People Big World Star Jackson Roloff Says Nope To Singing
Tori Roloff / Instagtram

In her caption, the Little People Big World mom said, “So proud of our guy Jackson! He had his first Christmas concert tonight!” Then she wrote, “He didn’t sing any of the songs, but he performed the hand gestures perfectly.” After thanking her son for an “awesome night,” she said, “thanks to the grandmas (and Chris) for cheering on our boy!”

TLC Fans react To Non-Singing Kid

Little People Big World fans didn’t mind that Jackson Roloff didn’t sing the songs. One of them commented, “Hand gestures can be very important in life ! ☝🏼🤚🏼👉🏼🤞🏼✌🏼👍🏼.”

Meanwhile, another person with a little kid wrote, “My son did his first performance today. He sang a little bit but he had fun. ❤️ Very proud! Congrats Jackson! 🎄”

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