Does Little People Big World Kid Jackson Even Know He’s Physically Challenged?

Jackson Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) updates and spoilers about Tori and Zach’s son, Jackson Roloff come in a  steady stream on social media. Actually, in season 23, he and his sister are probably the only cast members that are not slammed by TLC fans. Well, this week, Tori shared another adorable photo of the five-year-old, and some fans think that he’s such a stoic and cheerful little kid, that he’s unaware that he even faces physical challenges.

Little People Big World Updates Revealed That Jackson Roloff Went For Leg Surgery

To outsiders looking in, Jackson clearly has some challenges to overcome. After all, before he turned five, he went under the knife for the first time. Whilst it wasn’t as invasive as his dad, Zach’s surgery, he looked under the weather for a few days. If you don’t know, his legs are bowing and in teasers for Season 23, Zach commented on how the bowing seemed to be getting a lot worse. Well, Tori claimed that he felt no pain, but fans still hope that it makes some difference in his life.

One of the earliest times that the cute kid from Little People Big World probably faced some challenges came when he wasn’t allowed to participate in a fairground plane ride. Unfortunately for the cutest kid on TLC block, he was deemed way too small. So, fans cheered when they saw that grandpa Matt made a wooden model plane for him to play in. Nowadays, his ambition and passion is to become a pilot. The adorable child seems to bounce back from his challenges so well, that it got the attention of fans this week.

Little People Big World – Jackson Rides His Bike

When Tori shared a photo of her son riding his bike, he smiled for the camera and looked very comfortable and in control. Of course, he wore his helmet, sturdy closed shoes, and thick jeans to prevent injury. In the past, TLC fans saw the little boy on a skateboard, and often, when he fell, he just got back up and went again. Actually, Tori said that she couldn’t even watch him. Anyway, this time, a lot of fans gushed about what a cute kid Jackson Roloff is.

Does Little People Big World Kid Jackson Even Know He's Physically Challenged
Tori Roloff via LPBW & 7Lj Fanpage / Instagram

Little People Big World fans always seem to feel a bit happier about life when they see photos of the big brother to Lilah and Josiah. One fan on the LPBW and 7Lj Fanpage  wrote “I love [this] little one he is very smart ❤️.”

Another follower commented, “Cute..adorable…smart… in a million..just love this little guy.”

Similarly, this comment arrived: “WOW, which sweet and beautiful boy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Aware Of Physical Challenges?

One Little People Big World follower, @tomandbarbara opined, “This beautiful boy does not know he is challenged😮.”

Well, perhaps he realizes that he has some differences from other kids, but we think we can safely say that no matter what challenges go his way, Jackson Roloff will likely meet them head-on.

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