Japan Travel – The ‘Sakura’ Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom Early This Year

Japan's Cherry Blossoms

Each spring, Japan’s stunning cherry blossoms are always a great draw, and this year, they are expected to appear a little earlier.

Japan is known for its nationally-revered pink cherry blossoms, known locally as “sakura.” The blossoms offer a fabulous display in various locations across the country. This year, however, Japan’s cherry blossoms are set to bloom earlier.

Japan’s Famous Cherry Blossoms

The timing of the appearance of Japan’s beautiful blossoms depends on weather conditions leading up to spring. Moreover, the flowering and full bloom dates of the cherry blossoms result from temperature patterns from the previous fall. The Japanese Meteorological Corporation recently updated its cherry blossom forecast for 2021. In the forecast, it estimates the flowering and full bloom dates for what is known as Somei Yoshino trees in around 1,000 different viewing locations in Japan.

Japan's Cherry Blossoms

The latest forecast predicts that Japan’s cherry blossoms will begin to flower (known as “kaika”) in Tokyo and Fukuoka on March 15. It is anticipated that the blossoms will reach full bloom (known as “mankai”) in Tokyo on March 23 and a day later in Fukuoka.

In Nagoya and Hiroshima, cherry blossoms are said to start flowering on March 16 and reach full bloom by March 26. Meanwhile, in Kyoto and Wakayama, the blossoms are predicted to be in full bloom on March 17. Kochi will hit full bloom on March 18, while in Osaka it will be March 20. Nagano is a little further behind and will reach full bloom on March 31. In other cherry blossom locations, it is expected they will be in full bloom at a later date, including Saporo on May 2 and Aomori on April 21.


About The Cherry Blossom Trees

Reportedly, the leaves on cherry blossom trees usually secrete hormones that prevent them from flowering ahead of schedule. However, bad weather conditions can affect this process and make blooming come earlier.

As the cherry blossom display only lasts a week or two, admiring the beautiful “sakura” is a much-loved Japanese custom. Thus, the cherry blossom forecasts are important to help both locals and visitors enjoy the magnificent nation-wide display. Potential visitors to Japan for the cherry blossom displays can access the Japan Meteorological Corporation’s cherry blossom forecast here.

Unable To Travel To Japan?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are unable to travel to Japan to enjoy this wonderful spectacle. However, those living in or near Washington DC can enjoy a similar cherry blossom display. As noted here, the National Cherry Blossom Festival runs in Washington DC from mid-March to mid-April.

Besides the beautiful blossom displays, the month-long festival celebrates the arrival of spring in many ways. The cities in Japan host hundreds of special performances and exhibitions. Visitors and locals can enjoy cultural fairs, evening strolls by lantern light, paddleboat rides in the Tidal Basin, and a grand fireworks display as a finale. Check the full list of events and online offerings on the National Cherry Blossom Festival website. People living out of town can enjoy the spectacle on the BloomCam via that website.

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