Greece Hopes To Reopen To Travelers May 2021


Greece has announced that it hopes to reopen to travelers from May 14, with specific health and safety protocols in place.

Good news for anyone wishing to head to a beautiful part of Europe this summer. Greece is hoping to be able to reopen to travelers starting May 14. However, there will be specific rules and protocols in place to protect both locals and visitors.

Visitors Can Hopefully Head To Greece From May 14

Greece is currently making headway with its COVID-19 vaccination program. According to the tourism minister, Haris Theoharis, once the elderly and vulnerable people have received their vaccinations, the country will start vaccinating those working in the tourism sector as it ramps up its efforts to welcome visitors again.


Greece is currently urging Europe to adopt a common digital pass to show whether the bearer has been fully vaccinated. The European Commission also proposed this idea and more details are to be released on March 17.

Greece welcomed 31 million visitors in the year before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, over the course of the last year, this hasn’t been the case. As the country’s tourism sector accounts for around a fifth of Greece’s economy, welcoming visitors again is vital. Greece has a population of 11 million. The country’s biggest market is Germany, followed closely by the UK.

Greece made its announcement at a virtual tourism trade fair, where the tourism minister unveiled this year’s slogan – “All you want in Greece.” Theocharis said that Greece will welcome anyone who has been vaccinated against the virus, has tested negative for COVID-19, or has recovered from the virus and has antibodies against it.


Greece’s move has been lauded by the World Travel and Tourism Council. However, readers should bear in mind that many countries are still cautioning their residents against international travel. The British government has advised that international travel for English citizens may resume on May 17.

Why Visit Greece?

Mainland destinations like Athens attract many visitors each year, with the fascinating ruins of the country’s past. In fact, it was recently reported here that the Acropolis in Athens is being made more accessible to travelers with a number of updates.

However, the Greek islands are also a huge draw, with their quaint towns and villages and rugged coastlines. The starting white and blue homes are an instant Instagram draw, with the blue of the sea and sky in the background.

However, Greece is also a great destination for foodies. The cuisine of Greece is renowned for being delicious, but the locally-sourced ingredients make the dishes even better. Greece has been promoting locally-sourced ingredients for many years, due to its age-old practice of growing fresh vegetables, growing and harvesting olives for oil, and generally using locally grown fresh ingredients.

In the last ten years, Greece has also increased its organic food production by 51 percent. With organic markets selling fresh wares, along with freshly caught seafood, this makes the country among the leaders of producers of sustainable food.

When ready to travel to Greece, check with your local tourism authorities to ensure that travel is possible from your country.

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