Kate Middleton Does This To Make Sure Princess Charlotte Stands Out At School

Kate Middleton Does This To Make Sure Princess Charlotte Stands Out At SchoolWith three small children at home, Kate Middleton certainly has her hands full. And while a lot of attention goes to Prince George, seeing how he is the eldest and a future King of England, the Duchess of Cambridge wants to especially make sure that all three of her children feel special, including George’s siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Express.co.uk, 5-year-old Princess Charlotte is back at school after having been homeschooled – along with millions of other school-aged children from around the world – since last March because of the global pandemic that has been the coronavirus. In fact, Charlotte is now in Year 1 while her older brother Prince George is in Year 3. Their school reopened last week to students after it was forced to shut down during the height of the lockdown.

Wanting to make this year – and every year – special for little Charlotte, Kate Middleton made sure that she stood out by getting her a small, sparkly unicorn keyring that many eagle-eyed royal fans noticed on her navy backpack. The charms can actually be found on Amazon and come in several different colors, including pink, like the one on Princess Charlotte’s backpack.

There are reports that say that Princess Charlotte has always been a huge fun of unicorns and was even spotted carrying a unicorn purse while she was out and about during one of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s public engagements. We have a feeling that, just like her royal mum, Charlotte is turning into quite the fashionista and style setter. We are sure that little Charlotte not only stands out at school with her stylish accessories, but every where else that she goes as well!

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