Princess Charlotte Fans Love her Eighth Birthday Photos

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte and her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis, always seem to look so angelic in posed portraits. Mind you, they are just like any other kids. And sometimes the news media are lucky to catch them being little scamps. In fairness though, it seems less likely to be the daughter of The Prince and Princess of Wales. This week, the only daughter of Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton turned eight years old. Actually, some nice photos emerged and fans of the royal family loved them.

Princess Charlotte Is her Mom’s Mini-Me?

Royal family watchers often suggest that Kate Middleton’s daughter looks exactly like her. However, as she gets older, there’s definitely something of her dad emerging in her features. Mind you, there’s no denying the fact that some of her gestures are just like her mom’s. Sometimes, when people see her twinning with Kate, she simply looks adorable. This week, her eighth birthday photos revealed her adorable looks, but one of them seemed extra special.

Princess Charlotte might not be perfect in everyday life, and she has been known to fight with her brothers. In fact, that seems nice, because people like to be able to relate to the royal family. Who hasn’t heard kids squabbling over which music is playing? Over the years, fans saw her grow up from being a chubby little baby girl into a tall young pre-teen and they seldom find much to say that isn’t nice about the great-grandchild of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Charlotte Turns Eight Years Old

On May 2, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their daughter’s birthday. It’s not clear what they planned for the day, but some nice photos arrived on the Instagram account of The Prince and Princess of Wales. The first one came the day before her birthday. In that one, she wore a white dress with some blue flowers on it. Sitting in a wicker chair, she smiled sweetly at her mom who took the photo. Lots of people commented on that and wished her a happy birthday.

Princess Charlotte Fans Love her Eighth Birthday Photos
The Prince and Princess of Wales / Instagram

Many people felt that Princess Charlotte has started to look a lot like her father. Then another one came along on the actual day of her birthday. That photo was taken by Millie Pilkington Photography. It showed the young girl lying on the grass with her pup. Actually, it looked very nice because she wore a blue and white jumper that matched the blue and white flowers in the meadow. Her hair, worn long and sleek, actually matched quite well with her puppy’s long silky ears.

Photo Of Prince William Daughter
Image credit: Millie Pilkington Photography via @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

The caption on the second photo said, “Thank you for all the birthday wishes,”

Royal Family Fans Comment On The Photos

Princess Charlotte got a lot of people gushing over her lovely birthday photo. One follower said, “What a treat! Two beautiful pictures. You both don’t have to share your kids with us but we sure appreciate you allowing us to see them grow. 😍🇺🇸.”

Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “‪Aww another beautiful picture of the birthday girl and adorable Orla 🥹🥹 thank you so much for this and I hope [she’s] is having a lovely day 🎈💕💕💕💕‬.”

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