Did King Charles Wish Prince Archie A Happy Birthday?

King Charles

Prince Archie turned four years old over the weekend, and that happened to clash with the coronation of King Charles. If you live in a country with no telephones, internet, newspapers, or courier pigeons, you might not have heard about the event. For everyone else, streams of tweets, Instagram, and YouTube posts reminded people for weeks that Charles would finally officially become anointed as King. Clearly, he was thinking about well, himself. But far away, his grandchild celebrated a birthday. Did he think of him at all?

Was Prince Archie Snubbed On His Birthday?

If the son of Meghan Markle was snubbed, then some folks might think was tit for tat. Did you know that Harry once returned a gift from his dad? It came on the occasion of Harry’s 30th birthday. According to Tina Brown in her book “The Palace Papers,” Harry’s dad offered to buy him a new dinner suit. However, after it was made, one sleeve was shorter than the other or some such trivia. Anyway, the prince allegedly sent the gift back. However, that happened nine years ago.

Prince Archie is seldom seen in photos, so most of them that historically appeared on the Royal Family’s social media accounts showed older ones of Meghan’s son. Well, at least someone made the effort to post about the little kid and remember him on his birthday. But this year, rumors run around that the new monarch completely disregarded the birthday that took place in Montecito. If you don’t know, Prince Harry left straight after the coronation to spend time with his son on the weekend.

King Charles Made A Feeble Toast about Prince Archie?

King Charles did acknowledge the birthday of Harry’s son, but not publically. Instead, it came when they went for a meal. The Royal Family Instagram account posted about a lunch just before the guests, sans Harry, went off to what was probably a terribly dreary event. Anyway. there were several times during the day when they ate something, and at dinner, apparently, Charles remembered that he had a grandson in the USA. As Archie is actually 6th in line to the throne it would be shocking if the new monarch had completely forgotten his existence.

Did King Charles Wish Prince Archie A Happy Birthday
The Royal Family / Instagram

Prince Archie was remembered in a toast by the king, according to The Daily Mail. but he hardly needed a speech writer to say what he had to say. Instead, the outlet wrote, “he made a point of also toasting ‘those that weren’t there’ and wished his other grandson a very happy birthday ‘wherever he was.” As you can imagine, the news didn’t rock fans of the Sussex family who tweeted their disappointment. After all, Charles might have a legitimate beef with his son, but Archie is an innocent little boy.

Sussex Fans Remember Archie On His Birthday Weekend

Prince Archie might not have been uppermost in his grandfather’s mind this weekend. After all, it was all about himself and his very long wait to finally wear the crown. Mind you, many people wonder who would want to.


What are your thoughts about no public birthday greetings from King Charles to his grandson? Sound off in the comments below.

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