The Young and the Restless Star Michelle Stafford Takes Her Kids To Knotts Berry Farm

The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) recently took her children to Knotts Berry Farm to celebrate her birthday in the family-friendly theme park. Here’s what she has to say.

Sharing an adorable photo of her along with her two children, Natalia and Jameson, she captioned her post with,

“Ya know, I’m just gonna say… Jameson’s face and demeanor personifies 2020 for me. Thank you @knottsberryfarm for an AMAZING day of food tasting that I was fortunate to share with my family!! It was great to be out with folks!! People miss being social. It’s been hard on families, mine included. Thank you for creating #tasteofknotts so we could enjoy the weekend together, doing something besides puzzles.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Michelle’s fans and followers to comment on her photo. Quite a few wrote, “Fabulous lady! Happy Birthday Michelle. You are a great mother and a great actress. Love you on The Young and the Restless,” along with, “Aww, this is great. The kids need to be out and about again. You are doing a fantastic job raising them. Hopefully things will go back to normal very soon, we all need it for our mental health.”

Another fan said, “Aww this brings me back to some great memories. Each time we visited California as a family when I was younger we would go to Knotts Berry Farm and Universal. BTW you look great Michelle. I hope you had a wonderful birthday with the kiddos.”

While things certainly are not “back to normal” just yet, it’s great to see a celebrity mom like Michelle Stafford do what she can to create new memories for her children in this Covid-19 world that we live in.

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