The Young and the Restless Star Kelly Kruger & Daughter Everleigh are Beach Bums

The Young and the Restless Star Kelly Kruger & Daughter Everleigh are Beach Bums

The Young and the Restless star Kelly Kruger recently enjoyed a mother and daughter beach day with her adorable baby, Everleigh. According to Kelly, it looks like her daughter is going to be quite the social butterfly when she grows up. Here’s what she has to say!

Sharing an adorable photo of her and baby Everleigh on the beach together (with the photo most likely taken by dad and The Bold and the Beautiful star Darin Brooks), Kelly captioned her photo with,

“Remember a few posts back when I asked to name something more uncomfortable than wet socks? Wet jeans for a car ride home wins hands down. So worth it tho. Also, today was my first time putting jeans on in I don’t know how long. Great choice.”

She added,

“On a more important note, Evie just points, waves and blows kisses to every person and animal she sees. It’s really cute! Happy Monday!”

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for her fans and followers to comment on her photo. Quite a few said, “She sounds so sweet waving and blowing kisses to people. She is such a beautiful baby,” along with, “You are such a yummy mummy Kelly. I love the photos. Keep them coming. You and Darin sure do make very beautiful babies.”

Another fan wrote, “What a cute little girl you both have! The biggest treasure in the world! I can see you both love her so much! Please enjoy it as much as you can, because they grow up sooooooo fast!!”

We would have to agree with all of Kelly’s fans that little Everleigh is perhaps one of the cutest celebrity tots we have ever seen. That, and we can’t get over the fact that she has so much beautiful hair! Talk about a stunner.

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