Keeping Kids Entertained Over Spring Break

Spring break can get pretty boring for your kids if they don’t have something cool to watch. On the other hand, you don’t want to show them something that may scare them off bearing in mind that their minds are developing. Leaving them idle is something you wouldn’t want either. Your house may turn out to be another Avenger Warfield.

You can imagine what would turn out if I left all grown-up Rose with all grown up Ella together without occupying them with something. Try giving them more outdoor and indoor activities where they can learn too. Watching too much TV may lead to obesity. So, what do I do to keep my kids entertained?

Socializing With Friends

The art of socializing is developed at a tender age. Kids love spending time with other kids, playing in the sandboxes or playing some hide and seek. That is why I allow Ava to spend time with other kids. As for Rose and Ella, they have their quality time with kids their age too.

Watching Some Animation

Just because watching TV may cause obesity does not mean your kid shouldn’t. There are times when my kid’s friends are not around and I’d want to keep them occupied and entertained. That’s when I look for some good anime programs for them to watch; something appropriate for their age.

Group Work Activities

We usually decide to put our kids in groups and find a good challenge for them, together with other parents. Such activities entertain and help them learn the need of teamwork. There are times when we started a spelling bee competition and the kids loved it.

Scavenger Hunt

Ever played scavenger hunt when you were a kid? If you have, then you know how exciting it gets when your kids play it inside the house. Daniel and I come up with a list of collectible items when Ava wants to play scavenger hunt with her friends.

Board Games

Over time, we’ve found out that some board games increase bonding between us and the kids. In addition, they increase their intellectual capacity.

It does not take much to entertain your kids. Just ensure that once in a while, you join them in playing.


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