General Hospital Alum Matt Cohen Has A Message For His Youngest Fans

General Hospital Alum Matt Cohen Has A Message For His Youngest FansGeneral Hospital alum Matt Cohen (Griffin Munroe) has a very important message for his fans as they begin this new school year. Here’s what he has to say!

GH Spoilers – Back to School Season

Matt shared a clip of him reminding his fans that it’s always a better idea to be a friend to someone in need than a foe. While the first day of school can certainly be an exciting one for many kids, it can also be one that is terribly stressful for others. Matt wants us to remember that while also pointing out that we should always be kind to one another, no matter what. He captioned his post with, “Be kind. Please. Reach out and help someone. It is way easier to be nice.”

His Message For Kindness

It didn’t take very long for Matt’s fans to respond to his post and better yet, thank him for his wise words. Plenty of his social media followers commented on the clip with, “Imagine everyone using their platform for important messages like this one — thank you Matt!” along with, “Hear! Hear! Not just for kids either. Us big kids can do a little too. Sometimes just a hello and a smile goes a long way.”

GH Spoilers – Appreciated By Fans

Another fan wrote, “My daughter has emotional issues and gets depressed sometimes and when that happens I pull out the photo op pic of you and her and it makes her smile. This post is another reason you are an amazing human being! Thank you!”

We always knew there was a reason why we loved Matt Cohen so much. Not only is he a talented and exceptional actor, but he’s also someone who truly does care about his fans while also wanting to make the world a better place. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Now, as far as what’s in store for Matt Cohen in the future remains to be seen. Will he return to General Hospital? While there’s no doubt that his fans would love to see him back on daytime television, the actor hasn’t made any comments on the possibility just yet. Stay tuned!

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