Family Travel Tips: Packing for a Vacation with Kids

Family vacations are tons of fun, and these tips for packing kids luggage for vacation make it so much easier for parents. When your children are able to easily get what they need from their luggage, it decreases your stress and makes them feel independent. These tips will help make your next vacation go much more smoothly.

Pack mix and match clothing. To make everything easier throughout vacation, pack things that will always match no matter what your child chooses. Solid colored shorts with t-shirts in various colors and styles that will match easily. Denim, khaki, grey, black and navy are great solid classic colored bottoms to pack that most t-shirts and tanks will match with ease.

Pack outfits in baggies. One easy way to pack your kids bag is to put a complete outfit into a gallon-sized Ziploc baggie for each day you are on the road. Each “kit” will include underwear, top, bottom, and socks.

Limit choices. Limit the number of items packed to keep down the frustration of picking something each day. That is a big part of why the mix and match clothing is so important. Fewer fights to get them dressed and ready to go each day.

Pack all in one toiletry items. Instead of bringing separate shampoos, conditioners and body washes or soaps for everyone in the family – choose a set of simple all in one product that everyone can use. For kids, you may want to do the 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash products that are made for their sensitive skin. If packing separate items for your child, pack all toiletries into one baggie to create a toiletry “kit” they can easily grab from their luggage as needed.

Pack electronics and toys for in the car or on plane separately. Pack the activities that will keep them from being bored into a separate bag or backpack to go in the car seat or plane with them. This will save you from digging something out on the side of the road.

Pack the most used items on top. Things like jackets, or that outfit that is just in case weather is hotter or colder than expected can go on the bottom of the suitcase. Packing kids luggage for vacation means streamlining things for easy access. Pack daily outfit kits on top along with pajamas and their toiletries. If comfort items are needed, try to put those in the bag that will stay with them in the car or on the plane.

As you head out with your family for the ultimate road trip this year, you don’t have to worry about the stress of kid scrambling in their luggage to find something to wear. Use these tips for packing kids luggage for a vacation to make your trip less stressful. Not only will their luggage stay orderly, you’ll have less daily stress trying to get them ready each morning to go out for your next great adventure.


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