General Hospital Star Coby Ryan McLaughlin Shares Sweet Photo Of Daughter Nico Rose

While it’s without a doubt that a lot of people know Coby Ryan McLaughlin best from his controversial role as Shiloh Archer on General Hospital, there isn’t much that daytime television fans know about his personal life. Yet, according to his social media accounts, Coby is not only a dedicated actor but a dedicated father and family man! The soap star recently shared a sweet photo of his blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter Nico Rose, who he affectionally like to call ‘Bean.’

The proud father shared a photo of Nico Rose on his Instagram account looking like a true California girl and captioned it with,

“Blue rainbows and checkered vans. I love you forever.”

A lot of his social media followers commented on the pic with, “She is very pretty! Watch out for those boys. They can be up to no good at times,” along with, “Aww her outfit is so cute on her, I love it. She looks just like you, too.”

Another fan wrote, “Freeze this moment! My child starts law school in 21 days. Cherish each and every moment that you have with her as they go fast. Also love seeing you on General Hospital. Keep up all the good work you do, even though your character is such a villain.”

Even though Coby is a California boy at heart from Woodland Hills, he spent a lot of time on the East Coast. He attended Downingtown Senior High School during his teen years and also attended Pennsylvania State University. He’s now living and working in Los Angeles with his family.

And while no one knows what’s next for Shiloh on General Hospital, one thing is for certain: Coby Ryan McLaughlin is staying put! We have a feeling that we will be seeing much more of him and his family both on and off screen. Watch this space!

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