Reese Witherspoon Shares New Pic Of Her ‘Crew’

Reese Witherspoon Shares New Pic Of Her ‘Crew’Reese Witherspoon has a lot to be thankful for these days. She is happily married to her husband Jim Toth, has had a successful year both on the small screen and the big one, and of course, has three healthy and happy children. The Hollywood actress recently shared a photo of her three kids, which she calls her own “personal crew.”

Proud mom Reese posted a photo of her three children enjoying quality family time at a restaurant. She shares her two older children, 17-year-old Ava and 13-year-old Deacon with her ex-husband Ryan Philippe while her 4-year-old son Tennessee is her child with her current husband Jim.

She captioned her photo of three smiling kids with, “Love my crew!”

Earlier this year, Reese opened up about motherhood, explaining that many moms out there are simply doing the best job they can. She also compared her own mothering style to that of the characters on her hit HBO show, ‘Big Little Lies.’

Reese told Entertainment Tonight in an interview, “I think I’m sort of a blend of a lot of these different mothering styles. You have five different distinct parenting styles on this show, and we’re all just trying to be the best parents we possibly can be, so I think it’s always that question: Am I doing the right things? Am I exposing them to the right things? Am I disciplining the right way? And in this show kind of really brings up a lot of questions.”

Reese also admitted that she’s definitely changed as a mother over the years, and in a way that she didn’t expect, either.

She added, “When [you’re a young mother], you’re like, ‘Oh, they’re going to be fine!’ As you get older, it’s ‘Am I taking them to the ballet?’ When you get past survival, I think that’s what’s so interesting about the piece and motherhood. It’s about what you think you’re creating for your children, when it’s really just an artifice.”

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 Photo credit Reese Witherspoon Twitter