Alyssa Milano Shares A Sweet New Photo of Her Baseball Fan

Alyssa Milano Shares A Sweet New Photo of Her Baseball FanAlyssa Milano has quite the baseball fan in her family! The Hollywood actress shared a sweet new photo of her daughter Elizabella showing off her love for the L.A. Dodgers in a new photo on her Instagram account.

Proud mom Alyssa captioned her photo with, “Ready!! #HomeRunDerby #asg #mlb.” 

Alyssa shares her two children, Elizabella and her 5-year-old son Milo with her husband, David Bugilari.

Last year, Alyssa opened up about how she embarrassed her post-baby body, including her new scars and curves. She told the Today Show in 2016 that she wasn’t worried about shedding her post-baby weight in record time like most celebrity moms do and instead, learned to embrace her new body. Because according to Alyssa, her C-section scar reminds her of where her two most precious children come from.

She told the show, “Sometimes it’s hard work, but to me, it took such a backseat to being a new mother and what that meant and how special and physically demanding that was alone.”

Alyssa added, “I love my c-section scar, because it’s where my babies came from. kind to yourself. And to remember what your body is put on this earth to do, which is nurture, feed, take care of a child. Everything else is sort of irrelevant.”

Although Alyssa did add that she followed a low-carb Atkins diet and worked out five times a week to reach a post-baby weight that she was happy with.

Alyssa also said that she has her hands full right now with her two children. And while she and her husband David don’t plan on having children anytime soon, she says that they might change their minds in the future. In fact, the celebrity mom said she would also love to one day adopt a child.

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Photo credit Alyssa Milano Instagram

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