Top Five Reasons Why Twin Pregnancies Are Not Easy

Top Five Reasons Why Twin Pregnancies Are Not Easy

Having twins is an experience, to put it lightly. Yes, I had twice the love about to pour forth into this world, but my body also underwent twice the pain, bloating, ultrasounds and doctors visits. When I heard the news that I was going to have twins I don’t think that my mind really processed it. First I could only think about what it was going to feel like and I panicked a little. Then once I wrapped my mind around it, I did it like a goddess. I was going to make this the best experience ever, and I did.Every stretch mark, every pain, and even the c-section was met with joy, curiosity, and hesitation.

  1. Twins and multiples are classified as a high-risk pregnancy.A twin pregnancy is a double blessing, but it can also carry greater risks than singleton pregnancies. In the U.S, about three in every 100 pregnant women give birth to twins or triplets, according to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.Being a mom already, it was not my first pregnancy, but completely different because it was my first twin pregnancy. I learned that twins can absorb each other, literally. Women with twin pregnancies have a higher risk of being put on bedrest for a good part of the pregnancy.
  2. You might throw up moreEverything is twice the fun including throwing up. Each twin is its own person, and each will respond differently to your food choices. So yeah, you will throw up.You may ask why look at this picture there is literally no room for the mom’s organs!Twin-pregnancy
  1. Double the doctor’s appointmentsAt every doctor’s appointments you will have a urine test, and then RH factor testing. Basically, you have a slew of appointments simply to manage the health of the twins and make sure that they are all there. Third ultrasounds and fourth ultrasounds are also needed, nonstress tests are also a weekly occurrence, for some women.
  1. Exhausted 2x more –  My body began creaking in a million ways.  I never knew that growing two babies at once was going to exhaust me so much.Twin-pregnancy-meme
  2. Buying your first under belly support band –  it makes your back feel a little more human, but still like a pack mule. Buy one!

At the end of the journey, I’m not going to sugarcoat it you will look huge! People are going to stare, you are going to be large, and walking it going to be a slow waddle. I knew it was time when I conceded to the electric chair the day before my c-section at Walmart.

Having twins was exhausting, it was the coolest thing my body could do, and the hardest. I cried, I slept, I barely ate at the end because my twins were crushing me inside. I had the occasional one lodge its foot up under my rib, that was wonderful. But, the experience was unique, and I discovered  one thing when Ella & Rose popped out, it was an experience I would never trade for the world.

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