5 Tips To Filling Up Your Disney Autograph Book

5 Tips To Filling Up Your Disney Autograph BookOne of the best souvenirs that you can get from Walt Disney World – particularly for a child, is an autograph book. I have autograph books for my five-year-old daughter Ava, as well as my eleven-month old twins, Ella and Rose, to make sure that they never feel left out.

Autograph books are basically a chance for your children to interact with their favorite characters in the Disney world, from Donald and Goofy to Cinderella! These nifty little keepsakes are something that your kids are likely to keep with them for their entire lives, and a great way for the whole family to reminisce after you come back from a trip to the happiest place on earth!

So, how can you increase your chances of filling up your Autograph book? I’ve collected a few tips that might be able to help:

1.   Bring a Big Book, and Get There Early

If you want a great autograph from a popular character, then you need to get to the park early, and make sure that you bring a huge autograph book. Some characters will draw little pictures for you when they sign their name if they have time, and the page is big enough.

2.   Go for the Meet and Greets before the Rides

When all the other visitors are making a mad dash for rides, me, my husband Daniel, and our girls usually take the opportunity to head straight to the meet and greet locations. Usually, this the best time to find a character when they aren’t busy, which means that the kids get better interactions with them. Plus, there’s often time for a photo too!

3.   Leave Space for Photos

A great way to boost the appeal of your autograph book and make it an incredible family keepsake, is to leave space on each page where you can add a picture of your children with the character who signed the page! This way you don’t just have a bunch of autographs on a page – you have your very own Disney World photo album.

4.   Provide a Gift

If your child has a particular favorite character, then you could consider bringing them a small gift on the behalf of your youngster. While you can’t hand over money and other big bribes, you could ask your child to paint a picture for their character before you head out on your vacation, which you can give to them on the big day. This little extra something special is sure to make the character’s day, and you may end up with an extra special autograph for your time.

5.   Book a Character Meal

Finally, if you can afford it, booking a character meal has to be one of the easiest ways to boost the amount of time you spend with your favorite characters, without having to worry about long queues and crowds. You’ll pay a little extra for the privilege, but if you want a Disney experience that your children will never forget, a character meal could be a great option.

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