Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp

Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp

If this is your first year sending your child away for summer camp, then you may be in need of our tips for Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp. No matter where they go or at what age, going away to summer camp is both exciting and frightening the first time. New friends, new places to stay and tons of new experiences await them, but that also brings about a lot of fear. Put those fears to rest with these simple tips.

Take them for a tour of the camp. If the summer camp is close by, make sure you take advantage of stopping in with your child to take a tour of the camp. Meeting the camp director and seeing how things run day to day can give you both peace of mind. Not only will it seem more familiar when your child arrives, it gives them an opportunity to ask questions ahead of time.

Have them sleep away from home a few times before camp. For younger kids who haven’t spent a lot of time away from home, this might be the time to start prepping them ahead of time. Arrange sleep overs at friends, grandparents house or other family members so they can get use to the idea of sleeping in a strange bed away from mom and dad.

Pack comfort items. They may not want to take their rugged teddy bear, but you can help pack some comfort items like their favorite pillow case, blanket or even one of your t-shirts for them to sleep in at night. Comfort items from home can make it much easier for children to adjust at summer camp.

Don’t show your fears in front of them. Remain excited and encouraging no matter what. Try not to cry or show fear as you drop them off. Let them know it is an exciting thing for them to do. Show them confidence and excitement instead of fear as you help them pack and prepare. 

Look for an existing friend to go with them. Ask around to their friends or even send an older sibling along with them. Having someone familiar at camp can ease their minds and yours.

These are simple tips to help when you are preparing your child for summer camp. Along with packing all of their favorite needed items, these tips will keep them happy and excited.