Sarah Michelle Gellar Continues Mommy Duties As Due Date Looms

Sarah Michelle Gellar dropping her daughter Charlotte off at school in Beverly Hills, California on September 12, 2012.Sarah Michelle Gellar may be nearing her due date, but that’s not slowing her down!

The actress was seen picking up a huge iced cappuccino at Starbucks before taking her daughter Charlotte to school in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday.  Charlotte who turns three-years-old next week looked adorable in a a white shirt under a black blazer and a floppy skirt as she pulled her school bag on wheels.  Gellar looked like she was going to pop any day in a flowing back top with a grey jacket and jeans.

Gellar has started a campaign on Twitter to try and have her failed show Ringer brought back to TV. The show was cancelled by CW in May after it pulled in a meager audience of 1.05million.

 “Let’s trend BringBackRinger this Thursday. Two days to go,” Gellar tweeted.

Did you watch Ringer? Did you like it?
Image Credit: Fame/Flynet