Choosing a High Chair

Often times people just look over the purchase of a high chair because after all, a high chair is nothing more than a high chair. WRONG! I love my high chair, I love the features it offers, however, not everyone might.

When we got pregnant with my son, we bought the Graco Contempo High chair. I loved everything this high chair offered. I think my favorite feature was that it folded up for easy storage. Seems silly but we didn’t have a very big dining room so keeping this big bulky high chair out wasn’t ideal. It folded up nice and slim and stored easily in the corner of the dining room until we needed it again. It has adjustable height so when my son became old enough to sit a the ‘big table’ we were able to just slide the high chair right up to the table and we were good to go. The seat itself reclines to three different settings so that was a nice feature when he was a younger baby and needed bottles but still was able to be at the dinner table. The tray itself has a removable insert that is dishwasher safe (THIS WAS WONDERFUL when we started introducing adult food). The fabric I have is super easy to clean and maintain! (a huge plus with a messy eater!) I really love everything about this high chair and the price is an even nicer perk! I picked mine up for just over $100 and that seems to be what the price is holding steady at still. A great purchase in my opinion.

The Fisher-Price Space Saver High chair is another great option for those looking to save space. We had considered this chair but ultimately went with the Graco one above for a few reasons. We only have 4 chairs at our table and I was worried that if we had guests or something over we wouldn’t have enough seats to entertain so I figured it would be better to have all 4 of my chairs at a ready! I was also worried how this would recline in my chair, but alas, that is no worries! It offers a lot of the same features as the stand alone highchair but not the bulk. Removable tray is great! The one pitfall to this chair is that if you have a lip on your table you won’t be able to pull the chair that it’s sitting underneath the table; the part that holds the tray sticks out and can’t fit under most tables. This means that kiddos have to sit pretty far back from their food and if your kid is anything like mine, that’s not always the best idea. The price is definitely right though!




There are really a ton of options out there for high chairs. Some things to consider when purchasing:
-Does the seat recline?
-Does it have an adjustable height? (to slide under the table)
-Are there things that are going to get in the way from the chair sitting flush with my table?
-what are the weight restrictions?
-is the fabric easy to clean? (washing machine safe?!)
-can the pieces be washed in the dishwasher?
-cost? (is a $400 high chair REALLY practical?…)

So next time you are in the market for a high chair and just decide that you’re going to just go pick one up, remember, there really is more to the high chair than one might think 🙂