Dance Moms Recap For July 30th, 2013: Season 4 “Clash of the Dance Moms”

Dance Moms Recap For July 30th, 2013: Season 4 “Clash of the Dance Moms”

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Moms returns with a whole new episode called, “Clash of the Dance Moms.”  On last week’s episode it was the annual Abby Lee Dance Company recital, which meant two things–all the girls get to perform and Abby was a nervous wreck. After Abby assigned Paige the only new solo for the recital, Kelly went ballistic and threatened to pull both of her daughters. Meanwhile, all the girls competed in a high fashion photo shoot to appear on the cover of a major dance magazine.  If you missed the drama of last episode, we have your recap right here.

On tonight’s show when Abby is tipped off that they’ll be competing against Cathy and her Candy Apples, she creates three new dances designed especially to take them down. The Dance Moms will go face to face against their archenemies, the Candy Apple moms. Meanwhile, Kelly, Brooke and Paige are still AWOL so Abby uses her secret dancing weapon, Payton. As if the big dance battle isn’t enough stress, Abby punishes Maddie by taking away her solo.

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Surviving The Family Summer Barbecue


It’s unavoidable. July is winding down and the enthusiasm for backyard bashes is still strong. Here are some tips to stay grill-happy this summer.

Have it well-done. Pay extra care that meat is not undercooked to avoid the risks of E.Coli, Salmonella and Toxoplasmosis. It is important that your meat is cooked thoroughly – it should be steaming hot without any trace of pink or blood. Take particular care with poultry, pork sausages and minced meat, including hamburgers.

Beware the Cold Salad. Left out too long, delicious side dishes can transform into a breeding ground for bacteria. Give the cold potato salad a pass if you think it’s been left out for more than an hour.

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Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn Attend The SMURFS 2 Premiere


Larry Birkhead and his daughter Dannielynn walked the blue carpet of the SMURFS 2 Premiere at The Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California on Sunday (July 28th).

The six-year-old looked the like spitting image of her mother, the late Anna Nicole Smith. She wore a dress that was inspired by the colors of the SMURF theme. Larry also wore a matching top.… [read more]

Kimberly Stewart & Delilah Go Toy Shopping

Exclusive... Kimberly Stewart Takes Delilah Toy Shopping

Kimberly Stewart was spotted taking her daughter Delilah shopping for toys in Beverly Hills, California on Monday (July 29).

The socialite was dressed in a white tank and casual jeans as she carried the toddler on her hip and a bag in one hand. Delilah looked like the spiting image of her mom in a cute top and bloomers outfit. … [read more]

Sarah Michelle Gellar: My Daughter Thinks I Get My Hair Done For a Living!

Exclusive... Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes Her Daughter To Ballet Class

Mommy does what?

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s 3-year-old daughter Charlotte with husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. doesn’t know her mom is a famous actress.

“I think my daughter thinks I get my hair done for a living and was very concerned, because I left with wet hair today, and she was very concerned that I wasn’t doing my job because my hair wasn’t dry,” Gellar told Us Weekly while promoting her new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones.

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Kate Middleton & Prince William Will Raise Their Son, George Like Princess Diana Raised William

Kate Middleton & Prince William Will Raise Their Son, George Like Princess Diana Raised William

Kate Middleton recently gave birth to her first child, a son, George with her husband Prince William.  The new little tot is Prince George and everyone is expecting him to be raised in a Royal manner.  However insiders are saying that Kate and William intend on raising their son the same way William’s mother Princess Diana raised him and his brother.  The little prince will be raised with a good balance between a Royal life and a personal life.  The Royal couple will try to make George’s life as normal as possible.

“It’ll be a carbon copy of how William and Harry were brought up, because of their mother,” a friend tells PEOPLE. “However she’s painted, her greatest legacy is her sons. The way they’ve been brought up and the way she taught them to think for themselves and to lead a normal life.”

Princess Diana brought up William and Harry much differently that Charles was brought up.  Many believe that Kate and Diana have a lot of similarities.  They both, “adored children of all ages, and understood exactly how to get into a child’s mind.”  A source reports, “Having seen her interact with children  … and [overhearing] the conversations that she’s had, she’s just so natural. She has a rapport with children.”

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