Working Out While Being a Mom!

As many of us, I am working on losing weight and toning away this baby weight. Often times though, my ‘mom’ job doesn’t ever end so finding alone time to be able to visit a gym isn’t easy. Here are some at home activities to try!

Zumba, replace with Dancing
Zumba workouts are the latest craze in most gyms. It is a Latin based dancing aerobics. High impact dancing routines help burn away fat. I’ve had many mom friends swear by them! However, they can be pricey and purchasing a home kit might not be an option either. An easy replacement – and can be done with kids- is to simply dance in your own living room. Who cares if you look like a fool and the kids will have a blast dancing with you. If you really want some ‘professional’ moves try finding some videos on YouTube of dancing instructors giving help on aerobic type dance moves. Put together your own routines or just ‘free’ dance. Either way you’ll be burning calories, wearing out your kiddos and enjoying yourself all at the same time.

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My Breastfeeding Adventure Continues…

Breastfeeding For the First Time

I did it! Breastfed for 6 months! Now, to my next goal of 1 year!

Someone asked me the other day what the biggest challenge in raising our son has been…and without a doubt it is definitely breastfeeding. When I was pregnant, I read a ton of books on pregnancy, sleep training, and tips for getting through baby’s first year but I didn’t really give breastfeeding books another thought.

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Zac Hanson & Wife Expecting Baby No. 3

Zac Hanson  and Family

Third time’s the charm!

Zac Hanson and wife Kate are expecting their third child.

“We are so happy and thankful to add more life and love to our family!” the singer tells Us Weekly.  “It’s fun this time to watch the little ones so excitedly anticipating their new sibling.” 

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