Review: Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer POP

Prince Lionheart ReviewGiven the fact that this is my 3rd baby in less than 4 years, I have become quite the diaper changing pro! But despite my best diapering tricks, I had been unable to conquer the dreaded nighttime poop. As soon as the cold wipe would touch my daughter’s bottom, she would wake up screaming and, yet again, my hopes of her sleeping through the night were gone and I was left exhausted, pacing the room trying to get her back to sleep.

I knew that all I needed to do to end this grueling cycle was to somehow warm the wipes to keep them from waking her. Rubbing them between my hands just wasn’t doing the trick! I had tried several wipe warmers, but they all caused my wipes to dry out. The solution, along with a good night’s sleep (finally!), came when Robyn gave a chance to review the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer Pop!… [read more]

Grandma Time! Kris Jenner Enjoys a Day Out With Penelope

Kris Jenner Out With Her Grandkids In Malibu

Kris Jenner spent the day with her grandchild Penelope Disick in Malibu, CA on Saturday (Aug. 31)

The reality star dressed in a white blouse and black pants as she carried Penelope on her hip. The 1-year-old look happy as could be wearing a cute yellow and white striped jumper with matching sandals.… [read more]

Nicole Richie: Malibu Beach Day With Her Youngsters

Nicole Richie & Her Kids At A Party In Malibu

Nicole Richie spent a sunny day at the beach with her children Harlow and Sparrow in Malibu, CA on Saturday (Aug. 31).

The Fashion Star mentor looked slim in a sheer blouse and beach pants while playing with the youngsters in the sand. She also gave Sparrow a short piggyback ride around the beach. … [read more]

Teaching Your Toddler the P’s and Q’s of Good Manners

Toddler Manners

A toddlers world is a world of give me’s.  It’s part of their everyday vocabulary. It’s a parent’s nightmare. No parent wants an ill-mannered, disrespectful child.

Good manners are tricky. Please and thank you are the top priority manners a toddler needs to learn. As a parent, you have to teach your child their P’s and Q’s. It’s like a game of give and take. Make learning manners fun.… [read more]

I’m a National Geographic Kids Insider!

National Geographic InsiderWhile attending a blogging conference in Chicago last month, I was invited to an exclusive National Geographic Kids party where I got to meet with representatives of the organization. I learned more about National Geographic Kids and the different types of content they offer for children.

One of my biggest goals as a parent is to expose my daughter, Ava  to different cultures and wonders the world has to offer. I believe encouraging the understanding of the world will not only significantly extend her world view, but her appreciation of all the different people and things that surround her.

National Geographic Kids is a great tool to help extend Ava’s knowledge of the world as she grows. Not only does the organization teach children about the world, but ways to help preserve it for future generations.

[read more]