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Pamela Ray is a 20 something, mom to two and wife to a U.S American Soldier. Over my 20 something years of life, I've learned a few things about kids and they way they function, or don't function if your kids tend to be like mine! My beautiful babies are Jacob, who is 2 going on 23 and Aubree, who is a whopping 3 months old, she's still shiny and new! If my two babies weren't enough to keep me busy, I figured I'd make it real exciting and throw some more toddlers and kids into my house add one part toys, two parts hotdog and peaches, shake it all up and call it daycare! No, I'm not crazy :) There is never a dull moment around here. I'm excited to share my two cents on parenting and the survival of toddlers, newborns and turds...Oh, and everything else in between, which as many of us parents know, is a heck of a lot of stuff!

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  2. Cam says:

    Please update your stroller section. Graco makes the worst strollers they’re nothing but plastic. Get something like a Quinny or bugaboo hell even maclaren they will make your life easier!

    • Pamela Ray says:

      The section about the strollers are about strollers I’ve used in particular. I’ve not used some of the more expensive strollers. Not only that, although you bring up a great point of the strollers being a better handling and or quality, the prices on these strollers also double, even triple in price of a Graco. So although some of Graco’s products might not be as high quality, not everyone can drop $600 for a stroller. Just something to keep in mind :) Perhaps in a later blog, I can touch on higher quality strollers.

      • Cam says:

        I understand where you’re coming from I dumped my graco bc I’ve used it and I know is complete crap after upgrading to Quinny I refuse to ever buy graco brand in strollers!
        Chico has great quality and they run in the same price as graco. And not all quality strollers
        are that high take the Quinny Zapp extra for example is only $300 or the maclaren triumph which is a lightweight only runs $170. I’m a strong believer you get what you pay for.

        • Pamela Ray says:

          I agree with you in the sense of you get what you pay for. However, I personally haven’t had issues with my Graco IPO and I’ve used it quite regularly. It ultimately comes down to one of those preference issues. The Maclaren you suggested runs about $100 more than the Graco that I suggested. From what I can tell, the features of the strollers are apples for apples. So, it would come down to quality and price for many people. I’m not trying to downplay that Maclaren might make a better stroller than graco, I’ve not used them so I can’t speak. In some people’s eyes, it’s easier to buy the more expensive stroller, because it might indicate better quality than having to buy two of the cheaper stroller when it gives out. Logic right? Here’s my argument to that: what says that because it’s more expensive makes it better? (and not just with stroller, any product in general). I think sometimes as parents we get wrapped up in a brand name or a price point and say “well, since my car seat is most expensive, it’s the safest!”. There are undoubtedly better strollers or products than a Graco brand product, but does that mean they are worth the extra money? That’s dependent on the person to answer. I think the best way to determine our favorite products is to see what works best for our budget and our life styles. A hard core runner isn’t going to want a cheaply made jogging stroller, they’ll want a higher quality, which typically indicates a higher price point. Someone who jogs once every six months, is probably in love with a cheaper jogging stroller. So it’s all about what you want out of your product.

          • Cam says:

            Clearly just said you get what you pay for. Who wants plastic that’s not gonna last? I do believe bc is expensive is better, comfort, manuaverability(sp) you get all that for the price you pay and not to mention great customer service. I just know that as a parent I won’t ever drop $150 on a graco ever, been there done that! Yeah it might be more expensive to get the other strollers but at the end it evens out for all the great features you get!


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