Inside Counting On Joy-Anna And James Duggar’s Feud

Joy-Anna and James Duggar

The Counting On spoilers hint at a possible feud between Joy-Anna and James Duggar. The two never hinted about a feud between them.

However, fans found a new clue on social media they didn’t want to be in the same room together. Keep on reading for the latest details.

Counting On Spoilers: Joy-Anna And James Duggar Snub Each Other

According to the Counting On spoilers, Joy-Anna and James Duggar snubbed each other at a recent event. Both of them shared clips and photos from the same concert.

However, they didn’t sit next to each other. They also didn’t take photos together afterward. James and Joy-Anna shared the content on their respective Instagram accounts.

In one of his posts, James panned to the stage to share a clip of the Christian rock band Cain playing. Joy shared a shot of the concert from different seats with the caption, “I’m so blessed.” One fan took to Reddit to write: “It looks like James and Joy were at the same concert but didn’t sit together or take photos together after.”

Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most don’t believe the rumors that James and Joy-Anna are feuding. It’s not crazy to think they would be at the same concert but would sit in different seats.

Since they’re both grown adults, they probably wanted to spend time with their spouses instead.

“I feel like that’s not super wild and there are plenty of explanations. They’re both adults so maybe bought tickets at different times, one decided to go last minute, they might not have known the other was going, and maybe as soon as it ended they got out of there since getting out venues can be such a mess with parking/traffic,” one fan explained.

Joy-Anna Duggar

Counting On Spoilers: No Feud Between Joy-Anna And James

The Counting On spoilers suggest there’s no feud between Joy-Anna and James. Fans don’t think this means there’s bad blood between them.

They’re not the type of family who takes photos together on social media. It’s also likely that not all of the siblings are that close.

“If I were at a concert with my brother we would definitely not take photos together or stand together. Our relationship is good, it’s just not that close,” one fan noted.

“The Duggars really aren’t the type to take a bunch of pics together at events and then post them on their public social media, so I personally don’t think anything of this,” a second user wrote.

“Siblings don’t do everything together when they’re adults,” a third commented.

Do you think it’s strange that Joy-Anna and James Duggar didn’t sit together at the concert? Do you believe the rumors they’re feuding? Sound off below in the comment section.

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