Teen Mom: Jace Evans, Serial Runaway Found Safe Again

Jace and Janelle Evans

The first time that Jace Evans ran away from home, Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans claimed it was because he had been punished but now, the serial runaway ran for the third time. Fortunately, he’s been found safe and returned to The Land for the thrid time. Why did he run away this time? Read on to find out.

Teen Mom: Jace Evans Runs Away Multiple Times

In August, MTV fans found out that Jenelle’s son was missing when the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, NC posted about it on Facebook. At the time, his mom said that she and David punished him by taking away his phone, So, he decided to run away. Writing it off as her son being a typical teenager, she didn’t seem overly concerned. Apparently, he’d gotten into trouble at school. Some fans trolled her and joked about the apple not falling far from the tree.

The Teen Mom star asked for privacy so they could help Jace with his issues. However, in no time at all, he was missing again. That came in September. At that time, no reason for his attempt to leave home was given. However, the story went that Jace wandered off exploring the property and then absconded. Once again, his mom needed the help of the police to find him. By then, fans started to worry about the 14-year-old.

Teen Mom – Jace Evans Escapes Via A Window

The latest attempt to run seemed more determined. Allegedly he climbed out of a window and ran from the home. In response, his mom claimed that it was all about a girlfriend. However, it took time to locate Jace. Returned safely, Janelle claimed on TikTok once again, that they ask for privacy. Additionally, she talked about content on social media and that she wouldn’t post so much about her kids.

Teen Mom Jace Evans, Serial Runaway Found Safe Again
Jenelle Got Custody of Jace In March – @j_evans1219 / Instagram

Teen Mom fans seem skeptical that it might just be a girl on the mind of Jenelle’s son. One of them said on the r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 subreddit, “Incase (sic) it wasn’t obvious, Jenelle is lying about the girlfriend story. Jace didn’t run away for a girl, something is going on at “The Land”. Her way of keeping things private is by telling a lie.”

Another contributor wrote, “She literally said he has an obsession with his girlfriend and that he’s the only child not doing “amazing.” how is she keeping his business private? Her and David have zero self awareness.”

Worrying About The Teenager

Teen Mom fans often slam Jenelle and David, but this time, they seem to be concerned. After all, when a kid runs away three times, it seems to signal that something needs addressing.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Jace really ran away because of his girlfriend this time? Or, do you think that something must be going down in David Eason and Janelle Evans’ home to make him unhappy?  Sound off in the comments below.


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