Teen Mom: Jace Evans Runs Away But Is Located By The Cops

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom fans saw that Barb, the mom of Jenelle Evans fought with her daughter over custody of Jace for years. Anyway, she surrendered finally, and he went to live with Jenelle and David Eason on The Land.

This week, he was reported as a runaway. However, updates reveal that the cops found the teenager.

Teen Mom: Jace Evans Is Fourteen Years Old

At the beginning of this month, Jenelle took to her Instagram and shared a photo of Jace who had just turned 14 years old. He’s tall nowadays and towers over his mom.

Actually, fans see a lot more of him these days since Barbs gave up her fight and let him go and stay with his birth mother.

Jenelle seems to be delighted and shared photos and videos of them enjoying family time together. However, there was a spat between Jenelle and David recently.

Teen Mom fans saw that recently, David and his wife were posting about another big fight on social media. She accused him of causing her “depression” because he always wants to spend her money.

Additionally, she talked about stolen cards and more. Clearly, things are not going wonderfully on The Land. MTV fans who saw it hoped that the kids were not witnessing yet another fight.

In fact, even posting it on social media seemed odd because Jace is old enough to go onto it. Now he ran away, a statement that his mother issued denied the kids knew anything about the fight.

Teen Mom: Runaway Jace Evans Was Found By The Cops

The news that Jenelle’s oldest son ran away from home came via the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, NC on Facebook.

Their original post described him as wearing his school outfit as he left the “Roger Bacon Academy” in Leland. Naming the kid, they asked for people to call it in if they saw him or knew where he was.

Fortunately, an update revealed that he was “LOCATED AND SAFE.”

Update On Jace Evans
Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, NC / Facebook

The news about the kid from Teen Mom soon made it into the media, and Jenelle gave a statement which TMZ published. From there, the statement ended up on Reddit as it was shared by u/Myhappyplace28.

In the statement, David’s wife claimed, “We do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids.” Well, many people seem skeptical about that.

Anyway, she went on and talked about how Jace is just being a typical kid who packed a sulk because they “took his phone away.”

Teen Mom Jace Runs Away Fom Jenelle And David
TMZ via Reddit

Naturally, TMZ viewers talked about the statement and most of them did not stand up and shout out Jenelle’s praises.

MTV Fans Comment

One Teen Mom fan said in the comments, “BS! She was arguing in front of the world! Do she think that child didn’t know?!? Girl fedex that BS to someone else’s door! 🙄🙄🙄”

Another one  wrote, “She can’t be mature enough to not put her marital drama on the internet, there is no way they aren’t fighting infront of the kids.”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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