Teen Mom Star Janelle Evans Shares Photos Of Jace At 14 Years Old

Janelle Evans

Teen Mom fans have been gawking and talking about Jace Evans now for long than a year.  Suddenly, he shot up and nowadays, he towers over his mom. Actually, it seems hard to imagine him as the little kid that he was when he last appeared on the MTV show.

Teen Mom – Jace Evans Hit His Teens

Jace went on with his life living with his grandmother, Barbs, but suddenly the news leaked that he started giving her problems. Remember, she and her daughter fought for years over custody issues. Well, it turned out that Jace perhaps has something of his mom in him, and he started becoming too much for the older lady to handle, So, she surrendered her custody fight, and signed him over to his mom. By then Jace had started to become very tall and lanky.

Teen Mom fans later saw that Jace became an even taller teenager. When he turned 13, his mom looked tiny next to him. Actually, in a recent post that showed all the kids getting ready to go back to school, Jace was the tallest of everyone in the photo. These days, only David Eason is taller than Jace, and perhaps his daughter, if she wears shoes with heels. Still, at least Jace seems to have a pleasant personality and he always seems to be smiling in photos. In fact, he seems to be a very sweet big brother to Kaiser Griffith and Ensley Eason.

Teen Mom: Fans See Jace At 14 Years Old

On August 2, Jenelle took to her main Instagram profile page and shared a photo of herself standing with her son. She wore a nice copper-looking skirt with a white top and Jace wore a  blue shirt and short pants. His hair is quite long these days and He’s definitely got a wave in it. Once again it became evident that he is taller than his mom., In her caption, she said, “14 YEARS OLD EVERYONE! 🎂✨ #HappyBirthday to Jace!”

Teen Mom Star Janelle Evans Shares Photos Of Jace At 14 Years Old
Jenelle Evans / Instagram

The Teen Mom alum added, “You’re growing into a such polite young man. I’m happy as long as you’re happy! ❤️💯.” Of course, that part of the message seems important because he wanted to live with her. So hopefully, he has no regrets about that.

MTV Fans Comment

Teen Mom fans who saw the photo sent in their birthday wished for Jace. Of course, they talked about how tall he is nowadays. One follower said, “Oh my gosh, were we not just at your baby shower 😩 so big!”|

Well, time has flown by and it is hard to believe that Jace is well into his teens already.  Another fan wrote, “Happy birthday, jace!!! Omg I remember watching your 16&p episode….. wow make me feel old!” Yes, there seems to be a lot of that going around.

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