Teen Mom Fans Are So Confused By Jenelle Evans’ Back To School Post

Janelle Evans

Teen Mom alum, Jenelle Evans has three kids, and they are all going back to school. Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley all posed very sweetly with their mom, but many fans were very confused. After all, it’s only just gone mid-July. So, what is going on with the MTV star? Read on to find out.

Teen Mom: Kaiser, Ensley, And Jace Live With Jenelle Evans

Kaiser is a really sweet kid, despite his arrest-prone father not setting the best example for a young boy. Meanwhile, Ensley is simply the spitting image of her mom. Meanwhile, Jace is a tall young man these days, and he’s already a teenager. If you don’t know, he lives with Jenelle and David Eason permanently now as his grandma, Barbs gave up her custody fight. Ensley turned six this year, and she goes to school, as do the others.

Teen Mom Fans heard a while back, that Kaiser had some problems at school, but no new updates came along. So, MTV fans hope that the little boy settled down. Meanwhile, every single time they see a photo of Jace, they just can’t believe how big he is. In fact, he towers over his mom. Maybe he will play basketball at college one day. This week, like his younger siblings, he also got ready for school again.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Posts Back To School – Fans Are Confused

Taking to her main Instagram profile page on July 20, Jenelle posted up her photos about school. In the first one, Kaiser stood in the front. He wore the same navy-blue colored top and beige pants as Jace, so they probably attend the same school. Meanwhile, Ensley also wore a blue dress and leggings. In her caption, Jenelle said, “#FirstDayOfSchool Vibes! 📚✏️.”

Teen Mom Fans Are So Confused By Jenelle Evan's Back To School Post
Jenelle Evans / Instagram

Teen Mom fans instantly became confused. Many of them wondered why the kids would go back to school, so early in the summer. Most of them were Canadian fans of the show. However, some were from other states. One person from Washington wrote, “Washington doesn’t go back til after labor day.” Others from New York talked about early September before the kids return to class.

Why Do They Go Back To School Early?

Teen Mom fans might not know that North Carolina seems to be a bit different about when the kids break up or start classes again. Most of the counties seem to start before August 1 at this time of the year. As one follower pointed out, it is just a different way of doing things which gives kids more week-long breaks during the semester.

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