Teen Mom: Jace Evans Reportedly Hospitalized After Running Away

Jace and Janelle Evans

Teen Mom fans heard that Jace Evans, who ran away from home for the third time was found and is safe. But now, conflicting reports suggest he was found and hospitalized. So far, the 14-year-old has gone missing from “The Land”  three times in less than two months. The news updates claim that Barbara, who raised the boy since his birth was at the hospital.

Teen Mom Fans Heard That Jace Evans Was Safe

In March, Jenelle, who fought for her mom for custody of her eldest son for years, cried with joy. At the time, Barabra, who allegedly had behavioral problems with Jace finally surrendered custody to her daughter. In August, her son disappeared after school, and MTV fans found out via the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, NC on Facebook. Later, the news arrived that he was safe, and Jenelle Evan asked for “privacy.”

The Teen Mom alum let fans know that her son took off after he allegedly got into trouble at school. Furthermore, it was after she and David punished him by taking away his phone. Unfortunately, he then ran away again after telling his mom that he was exploring the woods around the property in North Carolina. Once again, the word arrived that he was found safe. However, this week, TMZ reported that Jace Evans ran away for a third time.

Teen Mom Jace Was Hospitalized?

The third time that Jenelle’s son ran away, he was listed as a missing person. Allegedly, he climbed out of a window and made off. However, he reportedly did not have a phone with him. Initial reports suggested that the teenager was safe but that might not have been the case. On TikTok, Jenelle Evans once again asked for privacy and claimed that girlfriend issues were behind it. However, a report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup suggests that Jace was not returned to “The Land.”

Teen Mom Jace Evans Reportedly Hospitalized After Running Away
Jace and Jenelle Evans / Instagram

A source told the outlet that the Teen Mom alum “was located on Friday [and] he was taken to the hospital.” The reports that he was found safe and turned to “The Land” might not be true. The outlet’s source added, “[He]… has not been back to The Land.” Apparently, the situation is being handled by “various agencies.” More information suggested the involvement of Jenelle’s mom, Barbara.

Barbara Seen At The Hospital

In the updates about the safety of Jace Evans, the outlet talked about Barbara. Allegedly, she was “spotted arriving at a North Carolina hospital on Saturday.”

Teen Mom fans had previously heard that Jenelle Evans filed for a protection order after her mom told a media outlet that her daughter allegedly took her grandson off his ADHD meds.

This is still a developing story. As more facts become available, we’ll be sure to pass them on to our readers.

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