Teen Mom: Judge Rules Against Jenelle Evans Vs Barbara

Janelle Evans

Teen Mom alum Janelle Evans filed against her mom, Barbara, and the judge ruled in favor of her mom. Actually, the peace between them was short-lived once Barbara handed over custody of Jace, Jenelle’s first-born child. Certainly, it seems that some poor decisions were made before the hearing this week.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Filed For An Urgent Restraining Order

When Janelle filed for a restraining order, she accused her mom of saying bad things about her and Jace. Barbara had spoken with TMZ who quoted her as saying that she suspects that the alleged lack of medication for Jace could be contributing to his behavioral problems. Apparently, Jace was on meds for ADHD but Barbs alleged that Janelle took him off them.

The new drama between the Teen Mom alums started after Jace, who now lives on The Land with his mom, ran away. The first report came on Facebook via the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, NC. After school, he’d disappeared and information about him was sought. Fortunately, they found the 14-year-old, and he went back home. Jenelle said on social media that she wanted privacy after saying he ran away because they punished him for trouble at school.

Teen Mom: Jace Disappeared A Second Time – Jenelle Filed Order

The second time that Jace disappeared, he’d gone wandering off around the piece of property but didn’t return home. Once again, Jenelle needed help locating him. Once again, he was taken to safety on The Land. However, his mom was spitting mad at Barbara and claimed that she endangered her and the kids by speaking to the media. So, she asked for an urgent restraining order against her mother. However, she didn’t get her wish.

Teen Mom Judge Rules Against Jenelle Evans Vs Barbara
Jenelle Evans Eason / Instagram

The Teen Mom drama which was covered by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup went a step further this week in a court hearing. The outlet noted that the Brunswick County judge didn’t take Jenelle’s evidence as good enough to grant an order instantly. Apparently, Barba took along a lawyer according to The Ashley’s source, However, her daughter didn’t. So, she wanted to argue her case on her own. Actually, the result allegedly left her really angry because she wanted an immediate order.


Immediate Restraining Order Denied

The Teen Mom alum was allegedly told by the judge to go and find some evidence that her mom had endangered anyone. That came after Barbara’s lawyer asked for a continuation The outlet stated, “Jenelle and Barbara will next meet in court on September 28. Jenelle will be required to present evidence to the judge showing she needs the protective order against Barbara.”

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