Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Pleads Privacy For Jace

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom fans watched Jace Evans grow up on TV and now his mom, Jenelle Evans Eason is pleading for privacy for her son. These days, he lives on The Land with his half-siblings  Kaiser Griffith, and Ensley Eason. Sometimes, David’s daughter, Maryssa Eason joins the family there as well.

If you don’t know, David is not the dad of Jace, and his real father is Andrew Lewis. Recently, Jenelle’s mom, Barbs gave up custody of Jace and complained he was getting too much for her to handle.

Teen Mom: Jace Evans Ran Away From Home

When kids run away from home, people become genuinely concerned. Recently, a boy in the family of David Woolley ran away.

Christine Brown’s fans were concerned because who knows what can happen to a minor in the wild. Fortunately, with both Jace and David Woolley’s kid, there was a happy outcome and they were returned home to safety.

However, in the case of Jace, some people suspected that he ran away because of tension between David and his mother who were engaged in an online fight.

In her statement, the Teen Mom alum claimed that her teenage son ran away because he’d gotten into trouble at school. so, they took away his phone.

On the surface of it, a teenager allegedly did something that the adults disapproved of and they punished him by taking his phone. So, he ran off looking for a better life.

Certainly, it’s not the first time in history that that sort of thing happened. Nevertheless, fans want to hear what they believe is the real story. As they don’t get it, rumors have started.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Wants Privacy For Jace

Jace is a teenager and recently, he turned 14. While he looks tall and handsome, he is still a kid learning to navigate life.

He must have realized that public interest would be very high. After all, millions of people watched him grow up on TV. And that is a problem for his mom who feels angry that rumors run rife.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on August 16, she told a fan who wanted more info that “he’s not your kid… none of this is really anyone’s business.”  

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Pleads Privacy For Jace
Jenelle Evans / Instagram Stories

The Teen Mom alum posted up a second card that said, “My son was not found because of ‘Snapchat.” Next, she added, “There are lots of rumors going around about what happened.”

Then she added, “I would like to take this time to give my son privacy and appreciate if the public would do the same.”

Will MTV Fans Respect Calls For Privacy?

Teen Mom fans who adore Jenelle might actually take her pleas for privacy seriously. However, she has a lot of trolls among her millions of followers.

The chances of them not discussing Jace seem slim. Hopefully, it dies away quickly and Jace can find some sort of security and safety in his life.

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